8 Reasons Why Every Day Should Be Women’s Day. . .

Women are no less than superheroes. They run the house, businesses, societies. In fact, they run the world. So we don’t need just March 8th to be celebrated as International Women’s Day. It should be every day.


A woman is the spine of every household. No wonder, we need to celebrate her courage and spirit on an everyday basis.

Here are 8 reasons why every other day should be day dedicated to women and their contribution –

  1. Look at the world around us. Be it in any field or sphere, women are leaving their marks. They have an important role to play. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that women run the world.
  2. Women are the real superheroes. They multi-task everything at work as well as home. Anything you need, you name it and she will make it happen for you.
  3. Women have to deal with hell lot of things on an everyday basis. They know that the world is full of stalkers, prying eyes and what not. But they won’t budge and face the world with a high head.
  4. Women are doing great work in the job-based economy. They actually make up over 40 percent of the total workforce in the world.
  5. Today’s age is the age of women entrepreneurs. They are running some of the top companies in the world. Take, for instance, Biocon’s head Kiran Mazumdar or CFO of Pepsico, Indra Nooyi.
  6. Women are more conscious about the environment and doing their bit to make a change. According to the stats, women use 22 percent less energy than men. Well, cheers to that!
  7. Women nail it at spending and saving money. They have a knack of saving money for the rainy days and they know how to manage finances well.
  8. Women have answers to everything. Have you tried asking your mother or grandmother perhaps? They will have the solution to your every problem and they are the best at calming you down with their nurturing embrace. A woman’s hug can make everything better.

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