India, the land of culture, tradition, and heritage is also a land full of surprises and mysteries. There are certain mysterious happenings that have been reported and have remained unexplained even in this era of technology and Internet. Here are few such incidents that have remained unsolved and still continue to perplex researchers:

  1. Jodhpur’s Sonic Boom
    A sonic boom is basically caused by an airplane, which zooms by, past the speed of sound. A boom that could be closely related to a sonic one was heard in Jodhpur city on 18th December 2012. This sound was reportedly heard in other parts of India as well. No one has any idea what sound it was and what triggered it till date.
  2. Nine Unknown Men

    According to the legend, Nine Unknown Men is a secret society founded by Emperor Asoka that is approximately two millennia-old. It is believed that this society was founded after Asoka decided to follow non-violence and was converted into a Buddhist. Emperor Asoka now wished to deprive men of putting their intelligence to evil uses and hence, this society was founded to develop and preserve such knowledge that would be deadly to humanity. Thus, Nine Unknown Men were reportedly responsible for guarding and protecting a book that included subjects like psychological welfare, communication, physiology, and more. Today, no one knows where that book is or even whether it exists or not.

  3. Prahlad Jani
    Prahlad Jani who is more popularly known as Mataji is a saint who has been surviving without consumption of food or water since 1940. Many researchers and scientists have been conducting observations on Mataji but no concrete explanations have been made as to how she has been surviving without food or water all these years.
  4. Shanti Devi
    Shanti Devi at the age of 4 started talking about the happenings of her previous life and how she has to return back to her husband and children. She talked of her house in Mathura and remembered minute details about her past life. Intense research was done on this and every bit of it matched with the information given by her.
  5. Kongka La Pass
    Kongka La Pass is the disputed piece of land on Indo-China border and this is also the place where many believe UFO’s are sighted. Some believe that this area is a UFO base camp and strange lights, strange sounds, government’s silence on this topic everything only strengthens this belief.
  6. Roopkund Lake
    Roopkund Lake, when discovered in 1942, was absolutely covered in skeletons. Thus, this lake in Uttrakhand is also known as Skeleton Lake. The summer that followed its discovery, more skeletal remains were found from this lake and the area surrounding it. How these skeletons reached here is something that no one can explain
  7. Bullet Baba
    Om Banna was riding his bullet when he got into an accident and passed away. The police took his vehicle to the station for examination but the very next day it was found at the accident site. Following this, many other ways were undertaken to retain the bike but it always returned to the accident site. No one knows how and why this happens.

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