When we think of nightclubs, the first thing that comes to our mind is pretty girls dressed up glamorously, a group of friends taking selfies, drinks in hands, bodies swaying to the music, loud music and so on. Apart from this, nightclubs probably top the list of places where embarrassing photos are taken. Over the period of years, so many embarrassing and hilarious nightclub photos have surfaced on the Internet that would not only embarrass the one whose photo it is but also the viewer. Here are few of the hilarious yet embarrassing nightclub photos:

  1. Broken Tooth
    Poor guy may realize that he has a missing front tooth once he recovers from hangover. Wonder if he would be this joyful then.
  2. Possessed Partner
    Whether the girl was woken up from deep slumber or she has had too much to drink, she looks totally possessed and in extreme need of paying a visit to the priest.
  3. Caught in action
    The photo was taken at the perfect moment and the expressions are simply priceless. The way a hand losing control of the drink, the girl’s reaction, the guy behind her dodging the drink and straw flying is captured brilliantly.
  4. Warmth
    Hair on fire is definitely not a regular nightclub occurrence. While having your hair on fire and others getting warmth from it is something that will give you a shock once you wake up from a hangover.
  5. Awesome
    The photo would make you wonder whether the girl in question knows what she is showing off.
  6. Wrong time
    The photo would get everyone thinking as to what these girls were up to and what made them have such an expression. And also whether the first girl knows that she has a heart shaped thing on her chest!
  7. Peek-a-boo
    Such curiosity that he couldn’t help but check out what lies underneath.
  8. The Grind
    Only the people in this photo can actually tell us what exactly was going on that they all seem to be screaming for their life.
  9. Make the best of the situation
    The guy definitely seems to believe in the saying that makes the best of whatever situation you are in and that is what he is doing.

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