10 Non-conventional career choices that you can make. . .

All of us want to be financially independent in life. But not all of us love to stick to the 9-5 mundane and routine jobs. Many of us aspire to pursue some offbeat profession which will not only help you build up your unique identity but also gives you enough money.
Let us explore through some of the unconventional yet economically solvent career choices!

  1. Chocolatier
    Don’t let your love for chocolate go in vain; instead, you can choose to pursue the career of a chocolatier. Chocolatier is different from the chocolate maker, as in this case, the former indulges in lots of creativity and fun to design a chocolate. As a chocolatier, you can indulge in the modern techniques of cultivating and processing of chocolates, decorating, molding and tempering of the chocolates.
  2. Dance Therapists
    Love to dance? Then becoming a dance therapist is a good career option. You create a therapeutic environment where you heal problems like mental or physical, of others through various dance movements.
  3. Spa Management
    Spa masseurs and therapists nowadays earn a lot given the number of tourist destinations have increased with an equally increasing demand for spas and salons. You learn all the details of body massage and healing of the body through various spa treatments.
  4. Pet Grooming
    Pet grooming is an excellent career option for those who love pets. Here you take care of others’ pets, take them to vet for de-worming and vaccination, give them toilet training, and keep them clean and tidy.
  5. Creative Writing
    You can both create your own blog or pair up with any online agency and write for them. Creative writing deals with numbers of fields like technical writing, copywriting, content creation, ghost-writing, story writing etc. If you are not a dearth of ideas when it comes to writing, then it is a good option for you.
  6. Photography
    If you love to click pictures, don’t restrict yourselves to taking pictures only during family functions. Pursuing a career in photography will open many avenues for you. You can become a marine photographer, become a professional photographer for the wedding and other occasions, and open your own photo blogging sites or pair up with magazines and newspaper for shooting pictures for them.
  7. Event Management
    Event management is an excellent career option if you dream of organizing parties. You plan and create large-scale events like weddings, festivals, formal parties, conferences etc. There is no dearth of such programs throughout the year and this is a good way to earn good money.
  8. Sommelier
    As a sommelier, your job is to taste different kinds of wines and suggest which is the most delightful of them. Not only that, you also suggest the perfect delicacy that can go with the wine. You need to have a degree in wine testing.
  9. Image Consultant
    Your job as an image consultant is to advise people on how they can change their looks, appearances, and attitudes for the better. It is one of the hottest career options today and you can become a makeover consultant, wardrobe consultant, or fashion stylist.
  10. Food Critic
    As a food critic, your job is to taste various dishes prepared by the restaurants and assess their taste, presentation, and aroma and write a review on them. You need to have an excellent communication skill for this job, along with an adequate knowledge about food.

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