9 Hilarious Things That Happen In Indian Wedding. . .

If you are at an Indian wedding, be prepared to be amazed at the things that you see and hear!

  1. Auntypreneur
    There is always a group of aunties who think that, it is their profession to find out what is wrong with the wedding. They will have a comment for each and every food item, every guest, the Bride, the groom, or the attire. We love to call them the ‘Ai hai… ye dekho aunties’!
  2. The Jealous Uncle

    Indian uncles love to talk about their money. They do not miss any chance where they get to show off. Every Indian wedding has one uncle ji who loves to boast about the glitz and glitter that his daughter or son’s wedding had and how this wedding is nothing compared to the wedding he spent on.
  3. The nagin dancer
    No Indian wedding is complete without the nagin dancer. The handkerchief becomes the instrument to seduce the snake dancer. This dance is a ritual of every Indian baarat.
  4. Lets eat
    Half the crowd that walks into an Indian wedding, comes only for the seven-course meal that they get to enjoy for free. Walk into any Indian wedding and you will hear people asking “Khane mein Kya achchha hai?” Food is the sole motivation for most of the crowd that walks into a wedding.
  5. The ‘Joota Churai’ rasam
    The groom’s shoe is stolen by the bride’s sister and the groom ends up paying a lot of money to get back his stolen shoe. That is the most fun part of every Indian wedding and it keeps both the sisters of the bride and the bridegroom busy!
  6. The vogue photo shoot
    Yes, you read it right “the Vogue shoot”! The bride and groom dress up in designer wears and get photo shoots as if they will be the next cast of a karan Johar movie. Leave the bride and groom aside the aunties and uncles pose like they are from Bollywood too. There is no end to the plight of the photographer.
  7. You are next
    A common phrase that is heard by the younger brother and sisters at the wedding. The young ones are more interested in flirting whereas the elder ones try to bother them saying “ab tumhara number hai”!
  8. Match Makers
    You will always meet a group of grannies who scout for young girls and boys that they can hitch with their grandsons. They call random people they know from the crowd and try asking the details of a sanskari girl or boy they see in the wedding.
  9. War between the dulhe wale and dhulania wale
    There is a never-ending war between the team bride and team groom. Both of them try to show off, how better they are.


And, let’s not forget in between all this that the Indian wedding is only a week long affair which we all love to go. Kids love it because they get to pluck flower from the decorations and litter around, aunties love it for the gossip, uncles love it for the cards and free booze.


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