People confess the most embarrassing thing they have done while sleeping. . .
Sleepwalkers, sleep-talkers, and sleep-eaters, we have heard about them all. However, unless we experience it ourselves, we would never know how it feels to be one. Here are few confessions of what actually had happened while sleeping:

  1. Sleep-eating
    I had been in bed for a time while my family was in the kitchen. I walked in, took out a jar of Nutella, took a spoon out of the drawer, and sat down at the kitchen table. I calmly started spooning the Nutella in my mouth, all the while staring into space not saying a word. They started asking me if I was ok, if I was hungry, and if I would like something else. Slowly, I said I was fine. My son tried to take the spoon away (I’m diabetic!), but evidently, I fought him. The embarrassing part is I missed my mouth several times and had Nutella smeared from my chin to my eyebrows. My kids got my grandson’s baby wipes and some paper towels and cleaned me up. My youngest son coaxed me to get up and he led me back to bed where I lay down, got covered up, and went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning with no recollection of my snack. They told me why, but I can’t be sure it happened. My kids have a twisted sense of humor.
  2. Marching in bed
    I was in my second year of college and the NCC, and I had been attending selection camps for the Republic day Camp. This was maybe just a day or so after I returned from one of these 10-day long camps, and I was severely sleep-deprived and dehydrated. Mind you, we were doing physically demanding work for up to 15 hours every day and getting about 2–3 hours of sleep (4, if we’re lucky) each night in the camps. Finishing my routine I go to finally get some sleep. My roommates were chatting with some friends who had come over (I had an audience, see), when suddenly, I start swinging my arm up and down as I sleep, doing a perfect march, albeit horizontally. I then turn around and slapped the wall, imitating one of my rifle drill maneuvres. And then, I suppose my marching dream ended and I curled up and went back into a deep slumber. Needless to say, I couldn’t hear the end of it from my roommates the next day. They regret not getting their phones out on time.
  3. Smacking in Sleep
    Now I’ve always known I talked in my sleep because my parents told me I was always having full blown conversations in my sleep since I was young. Anyway, so eventually my friend and I never quite had another sleepover and I never thought much about it until a few years later when she told me that night she stayed over, in the middle of the night I screamed, “Shut up!” And as I screamed it my arm extended out from under the covers and smacked her right in the face. I was mortified when she told me this and she said that she never said anything at the time because she thought I was fully awake and she thought maybe she was breathing too loudly.
  4. Sleepwalking
    As a kid, I’ve freaked out my parents when I would stand in a room not doing anything at midnight. Once, because of a nightmare of someone strangling me, I broke a mirror by punching it (how I didn’t injure myself is a mystery).
    It was freshmen year of college when I almost slept walk into a blizzard (the secretary stopped me). Sophomore year, I slept walk and my face smacked right into a brick wall; I have a crack in one of my front teeth because of it.
  5. Slapped my daughter!
    I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl in 2013. The moment I saw her I fell in love with her. She is my first baby and was born after going through a tough time conceiving. After she was born she got ill. I was overprotective of her. One night when she was around one month old, she was not soundly sleeping and was uneasy. I made her sleep beside me on the bed. As I was very overprotective about her, I was psychologically scared of any harm to her. I was dreaming that someone is trying to hit my daughter. In order to protect her in my dream, I slapped that woman. Suddenly I heard my daughter’s scream. Accidentally I had slapped my daughter.

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