10 Places you must visit in 2017. . .

Planning for a world tour? Then you must know about must visit places in the world in 2017. Today the whole world has been converted into a small slum via Internet, but still whenever we plan a trip a lot of thing are to be set in the mind including the culture, heritage, languages, clothing and our budget. Except all such personal issues there is no shortage of incredible traveling opportunities in this hyper-globalised world.
Get, Set and pack your bags along with your passports ready to visit the places mentioned below;

  1. Cape Town (Africa)
    There are several reasons saying that this place should definitely be at the top of your travel agenda. It has all its best beaches, mountains, harbors and gardens. And the clear blue water aids to its beauty.
  2. Guayaquil (Ecuador)
    The official or unofficial heart of Ecuador, Guayaquil is a city of growing urban-projects and is the next best place to visit after Quito.
  3. Hamburg (Germany)
    Quite famous for its red light, Hamburg has been tagged as “Venice of the North”. The local fish market and the merchants District gives you a solitary experience of a trip.
  4. Hampi (India)
    This UNESCO world heritage site is a religious hub, city’s rocky landscape, dotted with ancient temple ruins, makes for a unique climbing experience.
  5. Helsinki (Finland)
    A vibrant seaside country with fabulous views and the best place to enjoy night life.
  6. Jura (France)
    Jura—France’s smallest wine region attracts many tourists because of its wealthiest nature and it also produces superb wines.
  7. Kwanzawa (Japan)
    The place where you can enjoy the old wooden teahouses of the Higashi Chayagai district, the beautiful samurai residence in Nagamachi, and the contemporary art museum. And if the sushi attracts you a lot then go for the best and cheap shushi from here. You can stay in the traditional Japanese farmhouse.
  8. Madagascar
    Not only you can enjoy the big five wildlife here but the traditional Safari experience is the major attraction for the trip to Madagascar. If you are an adventure lover and want an adrenaline dose, Madagascar is waiting for you.
  9. Canada
    When it comes to celebrate something, suddenly the place become more beautiful. And so will be the Canada which is going to celebrate its 120th anniversary. If you are searching for place to celebrate I am sure Canada is at the top of your wish list. Also it is considered as one of the best place to live in due to its low crime rates and luxurious lifestyle.
  10. Portugal
    Visit to Portugal this year is just like enjoying spring during winters. To enjoy sun setting in the sea and the tasty coffee you shouldn’t skip visiting this place.

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