10 Most Common Rumours One Hear In Their College Life. . .

Let the rumour game begin!
What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say college? Your teachers, your friends or the rumours? Well, believe it or not but most of us have heard the most strangest and the funniest rumours during our college life. It may not be wrong to say that college without rumours is absolutely incomplete.

Given below are 10 most common rumours and I am sure that they will remind you of your college days. Read on!

  1. What? An affair?
    Well, this is the most common and trusts me the most entertaining rumour that every college mate have surely heard. Mathematics sir has an extramarital affair with the chemistry teacher is undoubtedly the most used one.
  2. The ghost, of course!
    The room on the top floor is haunted because someone committed suicide there years ago. Remember
  3. And, how can you forget depression!
    If a girl or a boy is sitting alone, they are tagged as depressed people. And the reason for their depression is that they had a breakup. Easy assumption, isn’t?
  4. The REAL reason behind the topper!
    It is mostly believed that if someone has topped the exams it is not because of their hard work and dedication but because they already knew the paper. Funny, isn’t?
  5. Drugs and alcohol!
    If you see any girl or a boy sleepy then either they are either doing drugs or drinking alcohol.
  6. The canteen food!
    We all love our college canteen food, isn’t? But what about the spiders and the cockroaches in it? What will you choose the rumour or the tasty food?
  7. The typical boyfriend and girlfriend!
    If a classmate doesn’t come for around 2-3 days, it’s because he is spending his full time with his girlfriend.
  8. That sir drinks a lot!
    If any faculty doesn’t teach well it’s because they drink a lot and are always high.
  9. The famous love triangle
    If there is a fight between best friends it’s because they love the same person. Filmy, isn’t?
  10. The class is cancelled!
    This is probably the best rumour that anyone can hear. And also it is the base for all class bunks.





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