Recruiters Reveal The Top 5 Mistakes An Interviewee Makes While Giving An Interview. . .
Better be careful next time.
Enter the room, walk straight, have a slight smile on the face, greet the interviewer with a steady handshake, look in the eye and believe in yourself. Buddy, if you follow these guidelines, nobody can stop you. These are the essential guidelines for making any interview a successful one. But, as we say, there are two sides of a coin. So today let’s witness the mistakes an interviewee makes while giving an interview. According to the research, there are basically five reasons why one fails in an interview. What to know the five reasons? Read on!

  1. Laziness is not the mother of invention, trust me!
    The first thing you need to make sure in an interview is that you are not sleepy or lazy. You might be sitting and waiting for your chance from a long time but this is not a valid excuse for being lazy. According to the interviewers many of the interviewee are lazy and have red eyes which shows that they did not had adequate sleep which does affect your personality and perhaps your interview.
  2. Hangover, drunk or high!
    Well this might be a little shocking but this is one of the most popular reasons why youngsters screw up there interviews. Ambra Benjamin, an engineering recruiter at Facebook, says drunken interviewees “happen a lot more than one might think.”Youngsters must realise that interviews are not a piece of cake; they must concentrate and achieve their set goals.
  3. Speak when asked!
    Confidence is good but overconfidence a big No! Preparing for an interview will surely help you but one must realise that over preparation can mess things up. When a candidate speaks nonstop it shows his over preparation and fakeness. Spontaneity is always better than fakeness. Do remember this!
  4. Cell phone on silent, please!
    If your phone rings at the time of your interview, then believe me, you are on the very spot rejected. All your preparation and hard work is gone and wasted. Always make sure that your phone is on silent and not in your hands.
  5. Hitting the interviewer with a car, Oh dear!
    Well, this can be the worst thing that can ever happen to an interviewee, and trust me it usually happens a lot. Many times, the interviewee is in hurry and such an incident happen. Good luck with this one!

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