8 Tips To Click Perfect Pictures From Your Smartphone If You Don’t Own A DSLR. . .

To capture a perfect picture, it takes more than having a good camera. Having a smartphone or DSLR is not an absolute way to click great pictures. Anyone can have them. But it requires skill and an eye for detail to click a truly great picture.


Having said that, many people prefer taking their iPhones or Android smartphones on a vacation rather than carrying those heavy DSLRs. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of helpful tips that every serious phone photographer should know –

  1. Clean the lens before clicking
    The first thing to remember is to wipe the lens clean before taking that perfect shot. Our phones spend a lot of time in our pockets or bags so they need to be cleaned before you start shooting.
  2. Set the focus
    Make sure that your subject is in right focus. Most of the smartphones allow to manually set the focus by tapping on the subject.
  3. Adjust exposure
    The smartphone cameras use the focus to set the exposure as well. Always remember to set the exposure at the focus point.
  4. Use the rule of thirds
    Every professional photographer swears by this rule. It involves dividing your image using two horizontal and two vertical lines so that the subject of focus comes is positioned along those intersecting lines. This rule results in a great composition.
  5. Use the leading lines
    The use of leading lines is another great composition tool. This creates depth of field and makes your picture appear awesome.
  6. Use different perspectives
    Try shooting from odd angles or look for an alternating point of views to click pictures. Avoid taking photos in standing position only.
  7. Black and white
    If your picture has distracting background or lot of elements, then the best way to fix it is to take the picture in black and white. This way the subject doesn’t lose focus.
  8. Use panorama mode
    Sometimes our phone camera cannot capture it all. Use panorama mode to do justice to the extensive landscape or scenery.

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