10 Quirky Jobs you never knew EXISTED. . .

  1. Professional Mattress Jumper

    Remember jumping on the mattress as a kid, good times huh! What if I tell you, that you get to hop on a mattress and get paid for it as well, that’s right! Professional mattress jumper is actually a Profession.
    ‘Its work. There is a right way and wrong way to do it ‘says Reynoso, a professional mattress jumper. His job is to make the mattress extra firm by jumping the RIGHT way.. Amusing & unusual isn’t it!
  2. Professional ethical hacker

    What do you imagine when you picture a hacker, A Dark room & an EVIL NERD on a laptop. Will it actually is a desk job that pays exceptionally well($92000 per year on an average).Their job is to help companies find glitches and weaknesses in their system.
  3. Professional Pencil Sharpener

    As a kid we obviously have sharpened our pencils, now here is an artsy way to do it. Send them to David Rees of artisanal pencil sharpening & he’ll trim them to perfection and return them with shaving & a certificate of authenticity. “Carefully and lovingly” he promises. His service would charge you $15.
  4. Professional Snuggler

    Love to cuddle? Who doesn’t! Meet Jackie samuel. A professional Snuggler, for $60 an hour. You can have ‘PRIVATE SNUGGLING SESSIONS ‘ at her place in Rochester, Newyork.
    Snuggling! NO SEX. She has strict rules!!! “I was a born snuggler” says Jackie and we don’t doubt it.
  5. Professional Cheese Sculptor

    You would love to have a Cheese snack while you work.
    Meet Sarah Kufamn, one of the only three people in US who make their living by carving cheese. Why cheese, why not marble or wood you ask? Cheese found me. Working with cheese is much more delightful than working with wood or stone.
  6. Professional Urine Farmer

    Did you know, hunters often use deer urine to attract their prey. The question is where do they get deer urine. The answer to this is from professional urine farmers like Judi Collora. The key to success this business she says is to understand that seasons bring fluctuations in urine supply. Kinda eccentric and gross, isn’t it.
  7. Professional Presidential Poison Taster

    You must know that kings and queens were known for hiring food tasters to check if the food is poisoned. Is professional food taster a potential career option today? Well Vladmir Putin is reported to employe food tasters who taste his food to check if his food is poisoned or not. They go with him throughout the world to ensure his safety from poisoning, WEIRD!
  8. Professional Golf ball diver

    Do you like diving? What if you get to spend all your day diving and get paid for it, but there is a catch. You won’t be diving in Caribbean or the Pacific. But in the golf course’s, water trap. Whenever a golfer hit a ball in water trap its professional golf ball diver’s job to collect it. They collect approximately 4000 golf balls and make upto staggering $100000 annually.
  9. Professional Cat Catcher

    Professional cat catcher? sounds weird! Well, costs $80 but those skills deserve that money. As a professional cat catcher Jordana Serebrenik has a talent of safely capturing household cats. Yes! As unusual it is people actually pay her to get their unwillingly felines into pet carriers.
  10. Professional Sorority Rushing Coach

    If you want to do something good with your life, you’d better get into right sorority. Need some help to do that? Contact Rushbiddies, they’ll help you to get into right sorority and coach you to complete the rush party! The smart rushy, the Biddies advice will have a resum√™ stressing community service leadership, academics and team work.

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