For decades, there have been attempts made to understand what a woman actually is thinking and what makes them tick. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject and yet nobody can claim that they have got it all right. Every husband or every partner must have had a thought that he just can’t make out what his partner is thinking or try to tell. However, what they sometimes don’t get is the lies women sometimes say. And it won’t be wrong to say that these lies have been told by every woman at least once in her life. Here are few such lies:

  1. I am not jealous
    This one is surely a very big lie every woman has told. Women are so wired that jealousy or insecurity does creep in sometimes. Quite often, actually! Whether you glanced at a girl who just walked by or you playfully had a small talk with the receptionist, she would be definitely slightly jealousy and had the thought “He is mine!” atleast once. She would never admit this but just give her a sweet smile and she would be back to normal.
  2. I am okay
    This again is very common. Even if she says five times that she is okay, she is not! She is probably killing you inside her head. All she needs to get over this feeling is a bar of favorite chocolate and a ranting session and she will definitely be okay!
  3. I am not angry
    When she says this, she is probably seeing red everywhere around her and she definitely wants to slap you hard. So, if you get the hint that she is mad at you, please do the needful because if she has not let out her anger on you yet, she never will.
  4. I won’t tell anyone
    This one probably is the biggest of them all. The sentence “I won’t tell anyone” actually means “I won’t tell anyone other than my mother, my best friend, my sister and so on”. When a girl finds out something interesting, she just has to tell someone and hence, whenever you confide in a girl, be rest assured that she will definitely not tell anyone anything other than her close-knit group.
  5. I don’t mind at all
    This probably has happened to every guy in a relationship. You have to go out somewhere when she has made her own plan that involves you. She smiles and says “You carry on, I don’t mind at all.” But actually, she is waiting for you to cancel your plan and go with her. She might just forget about the whole thing the next day but the whole time you were out, she was probably fighting some inner battle.
  6. You look great
    Whether this is being said to another girl or a male, she has probably made a few changes in your look in her mind. However, it doesn’t mean she genuinely doesn’t or rarely compliment others.

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