Listening music is more fun when teamed with awesome headphones! Top 10 best headphones of 2017. . .

We all love music and when it meets the required accessories, then music become all the more enjoyable. Nowadays, we cannot think of listening music without headphones. So, if you are planning to buy a headphone, make sure you make the best purchase.
For your convenience, we have listed 10 popular headphones of 2017 which you should check out.

  1. Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones
    When it comes to headphones, the first brand name that comes to our mind is definitely Bose. One of the best features of the all new Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones is its noise cancellation feature. They ensure that in no way noise gets into your listening to music. You can easily connect your device with NFC or Bluetooth pairing. The noise-rejecting dual microphone system provide crisp and clear sounds either you are talking to someone or listening to music on a bustling street. The headphone is wireless and the longevity of the battery is 20 hours approximate.

  2. Sony MDR-1A
    It is a lightweight and full sized headphone which offers improved quality sound. You can clearly listen to the bass, mid range, and the treble. The headphones are flexible and can sit comfortably on your neck. There are two cables attached to it. One cable has an in-line remote for Smartphones. There is a carrying pouch which comes with this headphone.

  3. Audio Technica- ATH
    This headphone has been acknowledged for its sonic performance. It has a large aperture driver of 45 mm length with earth magnets. The headphone is known for producing exceptional sounds with clear and deep bass response. The circum-aural designed headphone is placed easily on the ears and provides excellent sound isolation in a noisy environment. It has 90° rotating earcups which are used for one ear monitoring. A professional graded earpad and headband material provides durability and comfort.

  4. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
    The Sennheiser Momentum stands for refined sound and brings out the best in music. The highpoint is softer earcups which make it a comfortable headphone. It churns out a refined sound and has a superb finishing build quality along with a folding design. It has an inline microphone which comes handy for talking on cell phone. The headphone comes with a pretty good carrying case.

  5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
    Beyerdynamic is renowned for delivering unmatched quality sound at a surprisingly affordable price. The unique design, setup, and innovation have helped the DT 770 PRO produce superb sounds. They are lightweight and you can comfortably wear them for a long period. The Bass Reflex Technology provides superb low-frequency reproduction.

    V-MODA presents you a noise cancellation headphone which contains highly reckoned M-Class sound and has been tuned by over 200 audiophiles. It has dual diaphragm drivers, 50 mm in length which helps separate the bass from mids and highs. It plays clean and deep bass, clear mids, and extended highs. The unique CLIQFOLD design provides compact storage. It has an ultra-compact carry case which features V-STRAP system. It has a detachable cable like SpeakEasy Mic Cable for talking and SharePlay Audio cable to share music.

  7. BeatsX
    If you want an earphone for everyday listening, then this is an ideal headphone for you. It is a comfortable and lightweight headphone which securely fits in your ear and offers exceptional sound quality. It is water resistant. You can pair it instantly with your iPhone or any other Apple devices. You can easily roll it up to fit in a carrying case. You have to charge it quickly through Lightning.

  8. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones
    This headphone has a Sensation55 Driver which is Skullcandy’s patent driver for the bass extension which gives you a superb bass experience. It has an inbuilt amplifier which draws its power from a premium battery which is placed in the ear cup. The Acoustical Porting allows for free movement of the drivers and reducing any kind of distortion. You can adjust the sound through an Adjustable Bass Control placed on the left ear cup.

  9. Audeze Sine
    The Audeze Sine is a swanky built headphone which has a sturdy body and is among the smallest and easily affordable headphones. It uses a planar magnetic driver. It offers very clear, accurate, and crisp in a closed-back design. The accessories include Cipher Lightning headphone cable which you can plug directly into the Lightning port of your iOS device.

  10. Hifiman HE-4001
    It is a full-size Planar Magnetic Headphone which covers the full ear and delivers a 93dB sound. The oversized design helps the earphone to sit comfortably on the ear. The planar magnetic driver offers superior soundstage and spatial imaging. The evenly distributed magnetic force reduces sound distortion and reproduces fresh and live sound.


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