Budget travelling tips! How to save more for travelling. . .

It’s a known fact that youth today prefer spending money on travelling rather than spend that amount on luxuries. It basically means that they have prioritized their living and spending. Youth today believe living in today rather than saving for tomorrow and hence, they believe in fulfilling their dreams today rather than going after them after retirement. Making travel dreams come true always sees one flaw- the expenditure involved in it. One would definitely have to put in major efforts to save for travel. Here are some tips as to how to do so:

  1. Set goal
    Set a goal as to where you wish to travel, what are the places on your list and also give preferences. For instance: concentrate only on your next trip as of now, prepare the plan as to which places you will be travelling, how many days will it need and such. Work out how much money you need for that travel and make that your goal.
  2. Simplify your life
    Introspect your life and cut down on stuff that takes up extra money. E.g.: you can cancel your gym membership and instead go running every day. Be honest and take a tough decision if you have to. You can go walking or use public transport instead of using own car and thus, save on fuel.
  3. Create a travel dedicated plan
    Keep your focus entirely on your travel plan. If you are planning to travel after 6 months, dedicate these 6 months in making that come true. Plan out every single detail beforehand and you will find that this way you are saving some money.
  4. Quit alcohol and smoking
    Alcohol and smoking are additional, unnecessary and not to mention unhealthy expenses. For the sake of your health and making your dreams come true, curb your intake of alcohol and cigarettes. Even if you don’t have it regularly, stop whatever you have and you will be surprised to see how much you have saved.
  5. Be smart in your travel plans
    Plan your travel very smartly. Like, plan travel in the off-season so that you can save on hotels and tickets, try to book everything directly so that you can cut off on commission and such. And also try to plan well in advance so that you can have room for changes if needed and you have a lot of time to plan for every single thing in advance.
  6. Contact small travel sites or local agents
    Small online travel sites or local agents have proved to be cheaper and more accommodating than big ones. Hence, try to book through them or atleast consider them when planning your holiday. Also, their commission charges would be comparatively lower than others.
  7. Eat cheap
    While saving for your next trip, try to eat cheaper everyday. For instance: if you are buying coffee from outside, make it at home. Or if you are planning to go for a meal, have it at home. You don’t need to do this every single time, but doing it once in a while will make a huge difference.

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