Being sensitive is not weakness. Traits that only sensitive people have. . .
So many people surround us all the time. We deal with plenty of people daily and we would find that none of them are even slightly similar traits-wise. Every individual has their own characteristics and if you sit back and study them, you will find that it is these traits that give them this individuality. Studies say that approximately 20% of the population is highly sensitive i.e. they are over-sensitive to various stimuli. Here are few traits that every sensitive person would have:

  1. They always get what others feel
    Sensitive people are always there for other and they would never get bored listening to others stories. They would always be there for people and many-a-times you will find them going out of the way to help others.
  2. They need some alone time
    Sensitive people are often found to be introverts and hence after a long day at work or few hours of socializing, they would need some alone time. The thought of spending Friday night with loads of people would feel less appealing than the idea of watching a movie alone.
  3. They sometimes react strongly
    Sensitive people have the tendency to feel what others don’t and hence they sometimes react the way others don’t. If they dislike something or they get some bad news, they can easily have a melt-down.
  4. They can always hear out emotional people
    There is a huge difference between emotional people and sensitive people. For some, listening to what emotional people have to say might be difficult since they can get very emotional. It requires a lot of patience to hear out emotional people. But those who are sensitive can do so and that too very well.
  5. They can’t tolerate over-crowded places for long
    Sensitive people need privacy and quiet places. They cannot tolerate over-crowded places for long and they would need to get out of there after sometime. They cannot socialize for long and would need some alone time quickly.
  6. They have strong intuition
    They can easily tell when someone is lying when someone is down and they can most of the times sense what is going to happen next. This is because they have great sixth sense and very strong gut feelings. Also, the majority of times, their gut feelings prove to be right.
  7. They are very well mannered
    This is mainly because they are very considerate and would put others comfort before theirs. For them, being well mannered and always on their best behavior comes naturally and they probably dislike those who are ill-mannered and clumsy.
  8. They have strong mental energy
    Sensitive people have a lot of mental energy and high level of intelligence. Because they feel strongly towards what others are feeling and sometimes their emotions coming out strong, they have the ability to channel their feelings anyway they want. All these come from having very strong mental energy.

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