Censored news no more uncensored! 10 things we have learned from Wikileaks. . .

Almost all of us know about Wikileaks. For those who don’t know, Wikileaks is a global non-profit organization which has been in the news recently for publishing secret information, leaking classified and significant news and media from anonymous sources, which could jeopardize the status quo of every nation. Wikileaks has revolutionized news as they are no more censored. Let’s take a trip regarding what have we learned from Wikileaks in the recent years.

  1. Media conspiracy
    Wikileaks showed how mainstream media exaggerates news and distortedly present them in front of the public. They leaked some confidential emails in context with some media to show the nepotism and favoritism of the media houses. One of the emails was from CNBC’s John Harwood where he referred to “the opposition party veering off the rails”. In another email, he warned Hillary Clinton that she may experience trouble from Ben Carson.

  2. Uranium Deal
    In April 2015, a news article came on the New York Times which read “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal”. A Russian company by the name Uranium One bought one-fifth of US’s Uranium and the deal was approved by Clinton’s State Department. The Clinton group opposed this article as a fabricated story.

  3. ISIS
    Wikileaks revealed that in 2014, Clinton and Podesta exchanged a couple of emails discussing the group, back then which was known as ISIL and where from are they getting the funds. The emails also accused Saudi Arabia of funding the group.

  4. The Trans-Pacific Partnership
    Wikileaks released a series of emails in 2015 which showed Hillary Clinton suggested that the free trade agreement needed some corrections while in that year itself Clinton was praising the plan of the agreement which was quite ambiguous.

  5. Cancer Treatments
    In 2008, Nancy Pelosi led Francy Baron to receive a cancer treatment although he was denied by the manufacturer of the drug. The drug was named Tysabri and was approved to be used for multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. Baron was acquainted with the Democratic National Committee as a party fundraiser and one of the key players of John Edwards scandal. Wikileaks in an email conversation with John Podesta revealed talks about the board members of Biogen, a manufacturer of Tysabri, Baron’s wife’s plea and a reminder of a certain amount of money that Baron donated in Mayo Clinic.

  6. Hillary Victory Fund
    In 2016, Wikileaks hacked the Democratic National Committee website and released an email to show how the officials and the fundraisers went hand in hand. Due to the emails, Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as the party chairwoman.

  7. Town Hall Questions
    After Schultz resigned from DNC, Donna Brazile was elected for the post. According to a Wikileaks email, Jennifer Palmieri received an email from Brazile where the latter shared a series of questions regarding Ohio State being freed from the death penalty. Next day at the Town Hall in Ohio, Hillary was quizzed with the same questions. Brazile later confessed that she didn’t share the questions and had no idea that those are going to be asked.

  8. Wall Street speeches
    When Hillary left the State Department, Hillary Clinton delivered a series of speeches on Wall Street. But the emails leaked by Wikileaks showed that much was said behind closed doors, which was completely different from what she said publicly.

  9. Email Scandal
    Hillary Clinton used a particular email server for her campaign and that became a scandalous issue. A number of leaked emails showed that Clinton had discussed a lot about what should be done to divert the nation’s attention from a particular topic.

  10. Morocco
    Wikileaks released a series of emails where it said that Hillary Clinton accepted campaign donations in return for some kind of favor from Morocco. The amount was an approximate $12 million from the king of Morocco, Mohammed VI. Moreover, Clinton received $1 million from a phosphate company belonging to the Moroccan Government.


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