These 5 Pakistani Artists and Their Controversial Tweets! Phew!. . .

India as a country, has been open for employment for almost each and every country’s artists, majorly the neighboring countries which include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and others. Even after country’s welcoming gesture India and its artists had to face a lot of controversial comments over their personality and other things from these guests artists!
Let’s have a look at some of the most controversial tweets made by Pakistani artists which had blown everyone’s mind:

  1. image-1The most recent tweet of Adnan Sami (A Pakistani Singer) praising Indian Prime Minister left an “ouch that hurts man” moment in the hearts of the Pakistani citizens. The exact tweet was-

    Although the tweet was purely in support of eradication of terrorism but Pakistani population took it too close to their heart and started criticizing over it, for which Sami apologized later in his another tweet.

  2. image-2Another most famous controversial celebrity is Kamaal Rashid Khan, better known as KRK. Although he continuously comments over Indian actor and actresses but this time his tweet went too far and too hilarious. This time, KRK’s tweet involved Narendra Modi who was nominated to be the prime minister of India. The tweet involved him leaving India if Narendra Modi becomes PM of India.
    According to twitter “it is my challenge if Narendra Modi becomes PM of India, I will leave India permanently” and as Narendra Modi became PM of India he tweeted again i.e. “as promised leaving India permanently”.
    Well, we must say, this person has got really weird senses and whatsoever, his tweets really entertain us.
  3. image-3
    Recently, the heart taking actor of Pakistan, Fawad Khan also tweeted that “as a father of two, I pray we live in a more peaceful world”. Before this tweet, there were a lot of forge comments over the commenting over Indian issues.
    The actor later broke his silence and tweeted about the issue which created some sort of controversy but was later resolved.
  4. image-4After Adnan Sami being trolled on Twitter regarding his tweet, Asha Bhosle also became a victim of controversial tweets about her name and her tweet “Jai Hind”.
    Can you imagine? Just a tweet such as Jai Hind can bring such big controversies in life. A Pakistani resident tweeted after her Jai hind tweet that “abbey oh Buriya ghar baithkar kar kyu itni umar m udne nikle ho”. Such tweets made a really bad remark about Pakistani population and make us question their courtesy towards neighboring country.
    Earlier also a lot of tweets regarding Asha Bhosle’s surname (BHOSLE) had come into limelight.
  5. image-5Again KRK being KRK came up with a new tweet which turned out to be too disgusting. His tweet is as follows; “I can’t understand why no actress in Bollywood has butt like Kim Kardashian. It’s totally disappointing.”
    Well whether it is not disappointing for such actors but it is highly unreasonable and unacceptable for Bollywood industry to take such comments. But it is also a fact that artists such KRK never fails in leaving us amused by their tweets.

    These were some of the recent controversial tweets, but these tweets’ industry is always very fascinating and interesting to study.


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