10 Inspiring Body Transformations That Will Make You Hit The Gym. . .

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They say that our body is a temple and we need to give it our heart and soul. Nevertheless, there are times when we let our health take a back seat. From resisting your favorite cuisines to finding time amidst your hectic schedule, I know how hard it can get to work on our body. Though, these amazing body transformation stories will certainly make you think again.

  1. Parineeti Chopra
    We can’t start our list without writing about anyone else than Parineeti Chopra. Her inspiring story will certainly hit home to many. She was once called “fat” while carrying around 86 kgs. She shut all the critics down by turning her 38 size into 30. Now, that’s what we call a transformation.
  2. Tracy Cook

    From an overweight individual to a professional weightlifter, Tracy’s weight loss journey was more than just about crossing physical obstacles. She lost around 25 kgs to be an inspiration to many.
  3. Shekhar Vijayan
    Not just celebrities – ordinary folks like you and I can also bring a drastic change in our life. Shekhar certainly did the same. After working on a stringent routine, he was able to lose a whopping amount of 40 kgs (yes, you have read it right).
  4. Kushal Sharma
    This young entrepreneur lost almost 30 kgs last year. One of the most amazing parts is that he took less than 6 months to do so. The credit goes to his strict fitness regime and lots of cycling.source
  5. Sunil
    The comedian is known for his contribution in plenty of Telugu movies. Recently, he shocked his audience with this amazing transformation. With the addition of a six pack, he lost around 30 kgs.source
  6. Hayley Westoby
    If Hayley’s story can’t inspire you then nothing else can. She had a terrible fight with her boyfriend regarding her weight, which inspired her to get her “revenge body”. The 25-yo lost a total of 35 kgs to have a flawless body like this.source
  7. Denise FieldsIf you are determined to lose weight, then nothing else can really stop you. This 31-yo attorney from Kansas City ended up losing around 35 kgs in a matter of a few months.
  8. Prabhas
    Did you really think that the actor always looked like a real life Bahubaali before starring in the movie? Prabhas had to gain more than 20 kgs in a peculiar way to build all those impressive muscles. While losing weight is tough, gaining it in just the right amount to build a flawless physique is certainly quite commendable.source
  9. Sapna Vyas Patel
    Sapna has the kind of story that we all can relate to. Just like every other millennial, she used to consider her genes or her hectic routine the reason for her weight gain. She quickly realized that she had to bring a much-needed change in her lifestyle. The determined Sapna started to work on her body and ended up losing 31 kgs of her body fat.source
  10. Aamir Khan
    We were certainly saving the best one for the last. We all know about the awe-inspiring body transformation of Aamir Khan. The 51-yo actor lost 28 kgs for his blockbuster movie, Dangal. He was able to convert 38% body fat to 9% body weight in less than 6 months.So what are you waiting for? After going through all these amazing body transformation stories, you certainly can’t come up with an excuse. Hit the gym and make yourself proud, my friend. source

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