9 Things Only A New Mom Will Understand. . .

It looks all very rosy from outside. On Instagram and facebook, you might say ‘awww’ to all the baby pictures that your friend just uploaded. But, only a new mom will understand the real deal with the babies.

  1. Congratulations the baby is here!
    Your life is never been this miserable. You can hardly deal with the issues that you have with your body, on top of that you have a baby to take care of. After you have delivered the baby, many times you wonder that life would have been better if you received little training to deal with so many things at once.
  2. Cleaning poop and vomit is just your thing now
    No matter how classy you were before you delivered the baby, you now clean poop and vomit all day. You change diapers more than you ever peed. And it so happens that, the baby poops every time you start eating.
  3. Dates are no more your thing
    You have forgotten the last time you and your husband were out on a peaceful date alone. Your world is the baby now. If ever your babysitter takes care of the baby and you plan to go on a date with your husband, you end up talking about the baby with your husband. Even worse is, you call every now and then to the babysitter to find out if the baby is okay.
  4. You fit into nothing
    You might be a sexy woman once, but now you fit into nothing that you own. All you wear have front zips and there is so much fat on your belly that you sometimes feel that there is another baby inside you!
  5. You can sleep anywhere
    You no more need a comfortable bed, you can sleep almost everywhere. All you wait for is the baby to take a nap. You have lost all your sleep schedules and now you wait for the moment when you can relax a little. Babies nap time is your happiest time!
  6. You eat a lot now
    Your appetite has increased a lot now and you blame the baby for it. You eat a meal before cooking the real one. And even though your mind says no to the food but your belly needs more. You have a new found love for baby food as well.
  7. Your baby is hyperactive at night
    It seems like your baby drank bottles of red bull at night! Your baby becomes either extremely active or starts screaming and crying at the top of his voice. You just don’t understand how to make it stop.
  8. You start craving alcohol
    After dealing with so much, you wanna sip mojitos and sleep to glory. But all you do is breastfeed. You envy your friend who talks about drinking and you tell them your stories of how drinking is not your thing anymore.
  9. Your baby is your world
    All the things that you have given up and sacrificed seem nothing when you look at your baby!

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