10 Things About India That Foreigners Need To Get Right. . .

“Dear foreigners in India, we welcome you, as always, but there are few things that you desperately need to get right about us!”dontgetserious.comWell, every Indian can relate to the above-given statement. There are some things that have been taken out of context by foreigners and they actually need to get all that correct. Here are 9 things about India that foreigners have understood differently –

  1. Gandhi is spelled as Ghandi by most foreigners. It is high time that they stop taking the name so incorrectly. bookmyshow.com
  2. We don’t speak Hindu just like no one speaks Christian or Muslim. shughal.com
  3. It is either Naan or bread, not ‘Naan Bread’. It is same as calling it as bread bread. indiatimes.com
  4. A common misconception among foreigners is that English is foreign to us. Most of them get shocked when they see us speaking so well. Well, going by the facts, English is one of our official languages. mangobaaz.com
  5. Not every other Indian is working at Call Centers. We have engineers, doctors, scientists, artists and more. giphy.com
  6. There is nothing like ‘Chai Tea’. Tea is what we call ‘chai’ in Hindi. tribune.com
  7. Not necessarily every Indian has an accent like Raj from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. kchan2016.wordpress.com
  8. Indian food is not just curry. It is about different cuisines, flavors, desserts and more. india.com
  9. We are not just exotic. We are technologically empowered land with a heritage of thousands of years. quora.com
  10. India is not about just loud, over-dressed or over-crowded people. vikasacharya.wordpress.com

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