11 Shocking Realities That Describe The Unfortunate truth Of Society’s Double Standards. . .

Our society always brings double standard in one thing or the other. In fact, you should have noticed it many times yourself. Consider, for example, things that man can do but when a woman does the same, eyebrows are raised. Well, double standards are everywhere. So let’s look at these 11 shocking realities that describe the unfortunate and sad truth about our so-called society –

  1. In our society, most of the rules are laid by men or they are the ones usually in power. When a girl gets married, she is expected to behave a certain way. Only if she could decide how she wants to live! After all, why do men make all the rules?    1ixdaily.com
  2. Criticism and taking a dig at someone is not only unacceptable but also shows how our society functions. We need to remember that no one is perfect and everyone goes through an unfortunate time one day or the other.  2ixdaily.com
  3. You are instantly objectified into being a ‘feminist’ or an anti-one on the basis of how you behave or dress. Weird, though! 3ixdaily.com
  4. Honesty is not always the best policy. You literally can’t have an opinion because you are a woman and that makes you a feminist, which is considered even worse. Duh!4ixdaily.com
  5. Well, if it is a childless man, it is considered totally normal. If it is a childless woman, she is definitely a ‘witch’.5mmamania.com
  6. If a man is speaking his mind, he is displaying his leadership skills. If a woman is speaking hers, she is arrogant and bossy. 6womanofmyowndesign.com
  7. You can’t really rebel if you are a girl, no matter how your in-laws are treating you. Remember a woman in India just needs to wear a smile all the time and keep it on the inside.7
  8. anygirlfriday.com

  9. A male lead superhero movie is a blockbuster. A female lead superhero movie, naah! It won’t be profitable.8cracked.com
  10. Use breasts to sell products or amuse and no one will bat an eye. Breastfeed in public and the whole world loses their minds.9mic.com
  11. Open relationships are cool for men but when it comes to women, they are objectified.10.mtv.com
  12. The Internet is divided between skinny and fat. Most women be like, accept my body and to hell with skinny bit#$%* Ladies, this is not what we want the male dominated society to follow.11giphy.com

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