10 Foolproof Ways To Overcome Social Anxiety. . .

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I have suffered from anxiety for a very long time. The fear of being evaluated or judged by others often made it hard for me to go out and live my life to the fullest. Nevertheless, with some contemplation and lots of perseverance, I was able to move past it. If you also have a social phobia and find it hard to be comfortable in the crowd, then follow these expert suggestions

  1. Practice meditation, yoga, or any other mind-relaxing exercise
    sourceThis is one of the best ways to overcome an anxiety issue. Wake up a little early every morning and focus on your breathing. It has been observed that a simple act of deep breathing can help you stay relaxed all day long.
  2. Focus on having a limited circle of friends and family

    Most of the times, people suffer from social anxiety when they are not able to juggle their obligations. Set your priorities straight and try to maintain a limited circle of friends and family members. Be with those with whom you can be yourself in a natural way.
  3. Don’t take any condescending remark to your heart

    You can’t change how others feel about you. They might end up making a judgmental comment as well. Start taking their remarks lightly and don’t overburden yourself. You know you are better than them and that you don’t need their approval or justification.
  4. Come up with different ideas of social situations

    This simple exercise mostly yields constructive results in the long run. Before going out to any social gathering, take a step back and make a map of that situation in your mind. Think of the entire situation and come up with different repercussions regarding it. From your clothes to the way you are going to greet other attendees – focus on every aspect of it.
  5. Focus your attention on the environment

    Whenever you feel anxious while being surrounded by others, try to take your mind off from them. Instead, focus on other tangible things (like the furniture, roof, or any other object) that exist in your surrounding environment. This will help you relax your senses.
  6. Don’t be too much imaginative

    There are times when our imagination makes us think of the worst-case scenario. We imagine the kind of negative scenarios that can’t really happen in real life. Instead of thinking yourself coming out of happiness, try to experience it without any condition.
  7. Work on your body postures
    Your body posture can give away a lot at times. Additionally, a clumsy body posture might make you feel lethargic as well. Stay attentive and work on your body posture to be more confident.
  8. Maintain a rational outlook
    sourceTry to have a neutral approach towards life whenever you interact with others. Don’t come out as an overly optimistic person or an immensely sad individual. People really like to hang out with those who have a rational approach towards life.
  9. Set achievable goals

    sourceWhile overcoming your anxiety, set achievable goals and make an effort to meet them. To start with, try to go out at least once a week with your friends to familiar places. After being confident, try exploring other territories and massive gatherings like concerts or exhibitions.
  10. Don’t fake it, just to impress others. Be yourself.
    Whatever you do – never forget this golden rule. You can’t overcome your anxiety issues without being true to yourself. Instead of imitating anyone else, just be who you are. You don’t need to come up with an excuse or spare a lie to impress others. If they can’t like you for who you are, then there is something wrong with them, not you.

Now when you know better, take it one step at a time and move past your social anxiety issues.


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