Best Street Style Trends Around The World To Try Next. . .

Looking for some fashion inspiration this summer? Well, it is time to let go of old fashion trends and adopt new ones. The best place to find fashion inspiration is everywhere, especially fashion weeks are full of fashionista to get inspired from.

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the best street style looks from all over the world right to your doorstep. Here is what’s trending in fashion –

  1. The Sporty Chic
    The ‘Sporty Chic’ style is trending just everywhere. It is more of athleisure look and good to go for all casual occasions. So try everything from bomber jackets, sports shoes, faux leather vests, leather jackets, booties and track pants.
  1. Working the Quirk
    Quirky fashion is all about mixing patterns and bright colors to create totally amazing yet weird combinations. Remember to go for contrasting colors to make your outfit really interesting. Logo tees and patchwork tops are already making the quirk wave stronger.
  1. Dressing down
    It is time to dress down instead. So put on your best dress and leave some room for imperfection such as messy hair or carrying a vintage clutch to up the glam quotient. The beauty of this trend is that you got to take risks and that will make you stand out in any party.
  1. Sneakers with everything
    The motto of fashion is ‘sneakers with everything’. So whether you own a Converse or High-top Adidas Originals or Basket Weaves from Puma, just wear it with everything and everywhere. No stopping!
  1. Fringe Binge
    Fringes are best to lend the boho vibes. Bohemian fashion is in, thanks to the comeback of 90s trends! So pair that maxi dress with tons of silver jewelry and a fedora hat and you are good to go.
  1. 90’s Knockouts
    Plaid shirts, palazzos, varsity jackets, frills and everything from the 90s has made its way into today’s fashion. So take out something from your mom’s closet maybe and give it a chic look with some mix and match.

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