8 Things That Happen When You Can’t Speak Fluent English. . .

Knowing English is a matter of pride in India. If you do not know it, then you have to face some serious insult. No kidding! A lot of patronizing went into making this language a huge deal for most people. But here is the funny twist. We all have been through those days when we barely know this language yet managed to get away from it.But there were others who couldn’t!


They had to struggle and if you fall in this category, you can definitely relate to these 8 things that happen when you don’t speak good English –

  1. You are being labeled as ‘gawar’ or ‘dehati’ for not knowing English. Well, we believe that inability to speak it has nothing to do with one’s knowledge. Agree?

  1. Your worst nightmare is to have a conversation in English. This becomes even worse when a girl approaches you with a quick question in English but you just tilt your head and give no reply. LOL!
  1. Your friends always make fun of you because of your English.
  1. You can’t watch English movies or shows. Though you can follow the story with a little bit of guesswork or by taking help from your friends after every major scene.

  1. You avoid going to the posh restaurant because you won’t be able to understand the menu. Oops!

  1. You barely understand any difficult or high-profile word. Even internet slangs are not your cup of tea.

  1. Autocorrect is your only savior most of the time during chats!

  1. No girl approaches you because you don’t know English. Duh!



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