9 Reasons Only Vidya Balan Can Pull Off Begum Jaan In Bollywood. . .

Vidya Balan will be back on the screen with a new venture Begum Jaan. The film has already become the talk of the town with the release of its trailer. After Kahaani 2, this film also gives us a glimpse of Vidya’s strong performance and epic dialogue delivery. The film is about partition and story of 11 women of a brothel.


Since it is quite evident from the trailer that only Vidya Balan can pull off such badass character, here are some more reasons to prove that she is the best choice for portraying Begum Jaan –

  1. Only Vidya Balan would pick such daring role as she did with Ghanchakkar as well. She can play any character with ease like she is born to do that part.
  2. Vidya Balan is treated like a Khan in the Bollywood. Whenever she has portrayed a major character in the film, she never needed a man to back it.
  3. She is a very positive and fun loving person. She never fakes it or tries to make a controversy out of nothing.
  4. She became the ‘hero’ of the Bollywood with her critically acclaimed roles in Kahaani 1 and 2. No wonder, she can take any film single-handedly on her shoulders and make it a huge success.
  5. She is one of the few actresses to play her age on screen.
  6. Vidya took the time to start out in the movies even though she was busy in modeling. She took the time to deliver perfection on screen and debuted when she was completely ready.
  7. She is married yet she never let that become a road-block in her career. She is a wonderful example of being a pro at keeping the work-life balance.
  8. Whether it is criticism for her fashion sense or usual jokes, she takes everything in her stride and never let anything affect her performances.
  9. Vidya Balan is the only actress in the Bollywood who is bold and badass at the same time. We can’t forget her most memorable performance in ‘The Dirty Picture’ till date. No wonder she is the best choice for Begum Jaan.

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