10 Things That You Can Do In India But Not Abroad. . .

People in India will grab any opportunity to head overseas. We often hear our friend cribbing over life in India and those settled abroad, bragging about the privileges outside India. But let us break this to you – it’s only half truth. There are tons of things that you can do in our country that you can’t remotely think about doing abroad.pinterestHere is a list of some really surprising and interesting things that you can only do in India –

  1. Play gully cricket We have all been there, done that. It might be inappropriate abroad but every kid in India loves to play cricket in the lanes. hilariousgifs.com
  1. Live with parents You can live with the parents till any age you want unlike in US or UK. Well, it’s time for the family hug! indiatimes.com
  1. Bargain shamelessly We Indians love to bargain, shamelessly nonetheless. Remember free dhania? mtvindia.com
  1. Eat a variety of foods We are a nation with variety when it comes to food as well. So enjoy! idiva.com
    1. Eating with hands Oh! The joy of eating with hands which you can only do in India. thestudentroom.co.uk
    1. Poop in the correct way Where else you will find Indian toilets to poop in the right way? slate.com
    1. Deal with traffic like a boss We know how to drive like a boss even in crazy traffic or narrow lanes, you know! indiatimes.com
      1. Enjoy tons of festivals Only in India, we can celebrate festivals all around the year and indulge in so much fun. ankk.in
      1. Jugaad We are the kings of jugaad, undoubtedly. What’s amusing is that we can practice it as well without any rules. autumnbench.com
      1. Criticize We can criticize whenever the hell we want, whoever the hell we want. ndtv.com

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