10 Holiday Pictures Of Nia Sharma That Are Hot As Hell. . .

static.dnaindia.com Television actress Nia Sharma who was recently in news for bagging third spot in the list of Asia’s Sexiest Women leaving behind Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt, is giving herself a treat of sand, surf and sun in Maldives. She is keeping her fans updated with her holiday pictures on Instagram. The number of likes on the pictures show that she is loved by everyone. Here are some of her holiday pictures of Maldives that are hot as hell!

  1. The bikini and the background, both are just perfect. media.indiatimes.in
  2. She looks fresh at 5 am! The view is definitely worth waking up early. im.rediff.com
  3. This click is definitely a masterpiece. im.rediff.com
  4. Baking in the sun. im.rediff.com
  5. After a thrilling Jet sky ride, nia maintains to look hot. im.rediff.com
  6. Enjoying the Maldives journey. im.rediff.com
  7. Everything white looks perfect on her. im.rediff.com
  8. When you already look so sexy and the black outfit adds to the charm! gulte.com
  9. Let’s surf and spread hotness all around. scontent-sjc2-1.cdninstagram.com
  10. Looking hot even when she is silently enjoying her breakfast. clipper28.com

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