8 Things Every Mango Lover Can Relate To. . .

The official season of mangoes is here. With summer starts the cravings for mangoes and thus every mango lover is on a hunt to grab as many as possible. Even though summer is hated for heat, yet every mango lover waits for this season to cater to his cravings.youtubeNo wonder, mango is the king of fruits. If you too are a mango lover, you can understand the excitement of the mango season. Here are 8 things that every mango lover can relate to –

  1. You know every variety of mango by heart You know all the varieties of mango by heart. You can tell the difference between Saroli and Dusehri. You can actually nail any mango quiz. headoverfeels.com
  1. A mango a day keeps the bad feelings away Having a mango in a day keeps gloominess away. shanakant.wordpress.com
  1. You love summers for mangoes Summers are your favorite. Why? Well, the sole reason is mangoes. You know it’s your time to gorge on them non-stop in summers. pinterest.com
  1. You are a classic case of ‘mangoes in everything’ Whether it is milkshakes, drinks, cocktails, ice creams or anything else, you just want mango in everything. lifecrust.com
    1. The fun of eating mango with hands You want to make the most of your ‘aam’ experience. So you don’t shy away from eating it with hands. You know that a true mango lover won’t wait for a plate, knife and a spoon. headoverfeels.com
    1. Smelling the mangoes before you buy Because how else would you tell if the mangoes are good or not? desiappetite.com
    1. The dinner fights to get the best mango You feel that getting the best mango is your birthright. So you would fight your way to the end of the dinner table to get the best slice. scoopwhoop.com
      1. The mandatory talks about ‘mango’ at work Every mango lover is a Mangopedia. A true mango lover can debate at work endlessly to prove their knowledge of mangoes, their varieties, where to get them, how to cut them perfectly and more. lifecrust.com

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