9 Things That Happen When You Are The Only Person With DSLR In Your Friends Group. . .

DSLRs are very much in trend these days. Not only professional photographers, but other individuals are also buying DSLR for their personal use. Whether there is a guy in your class or in your closest friend circle, a person with a DSLR is taken as a blessing but not for the photographer himself. Did you just buy camera for your own use and all your friends want to have a portrait shoot from you? Or they want to invite you to functions for free photography and that makes you annoyed? We understand your pain. Being an only DSLR person in a group can be very tiring especially when you have to fulfill the unnecessary requests of your friends. You have to face them on daily basis as they don’t leave a chance to get a picture by you. Here are the few things that only happen with you if you own a DSLR.

  1. Your friends make you take their hundreds of pictures in different poses. giphy.com And guess what, you have to fulfill their wish otherwise they throw tantrums.
  2. They invite you to the events just because you own a DSLR. giphy.com And treat you not like a friend but a photographer.
  3. And if you forget your DSLR at home, be prepared for their rude behavior. giphy.com As if you are obliged to take pictures for them.
  4. After the functions end, they force you send thousands of pictures to them on the same day. giphy.com They don’t even care about how tiring you must be feeling.
  5. There is nobody who takes at least one good picture of yours at the event. giphy.com Even if you want to come in pictures, nobody cares!
  6. They guide you to use particular gadgets and that’s frustrating. giphy.com Please bring that lens for my head portraits; please bring your macro lens and what not.
  7. You never get to enjoy the parties as your friends keep you busy in taking photos. idiva.com Like seriously..
  8. When they hold your camera in a not-so-good way and it makes you angry. giphy.com Stop it, it’s not a toy.
  9. That moment when somebody asks to borrow your camera. giphy.com Kill me please but don’t ask for this favor.

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