This Is How Women Judge Other Women And They Seriously Need To Stop. . .

Women are unpredictable. You can never tell what’s going on in their mind. That’s why women are said to be a mystery. Sometimes they are way too nice with each other. But there are moments when they leave no chance to judge other women. They judge other’s by their clothes, complexion, body, makeup and many other things. Not all women are same, but there are some insecure women who have this annoying habit of judging others and you seriously need to stay away from them. Want to know about the things women judge other women for? Read our article and I’m sure you must have come across such women at least once in your lives:

  1. Being too tall is an issue for them. They be like ‘Omg you are way too tall and this makes you look like a man.’
  2. And if your height is small, they advise you to try various methods to increase a few inches because they think you are unattractive with such a small height.
  3. For them, being fair is beautiful. They feel no shame in saying ‘you have such a dark complexion. Use some creams or nobody is going to marry you.’
  4. Makeup issues: Why you are wearing too much makeup? Isn’t your skin clear enough without painting your face?
  5. In some cases ‘that girl only looks pretty with makeup. She scares without it’.
  6. And if you go bare face in front of them, ‘please put some makeup on your face. You look totally plain like this.’
  7. Here is another one when you fail to speak in other language, ‘hahaha look at her broken English. It’s such a shame that she can’t even speak English properly.’
  8. Everyone has different fashion sense but these women don’t miss a chance to say ‘eww look at her tacky dressing. Its way too cheap as compared to my designer wear.’
  9. They are never happy with your weight. ‘If you have put on so much fat, you should join the gym. If you are too skinny, you should eat more.’
  10. You are too modern and outgoing? They wont be hesitant to say that ‘you must be having too many boyfriends.’7
  11. To all those women who judge other women for no reason, you should stop doing this and if you can’t, just question yourself that ‘Who the hell am I to judge others?’

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