9 Struggles That Only Working Moms Can Relate To. . .

Let’s face it, being a working mother is very challenging. These are the women who are struggling to live many lives at the same time. In the past, majority of women were not allowed to work after marriage, but now they are utilizing their skillsand getting successful in the workplace. It takes a lot to manage household when you are a working mother. Do you remember when did you havea nice cup of coffee at cafe with your friends? Or walk at the seaside with your husband? Absolutely long time ago. Because working moms hardly have any time for these things as they have to look after everything from their kids to husband to cooking. All the working moms can truly feel these 9 struggles which they face on regular basis. Read on below:

  1. Working mothers hardly have any time for themselves. giphy.com Do you remember the last time you went to salon for a haircut or massage? I know it must be very hard.
  2. You have to do multitasking all the time. giphy.com Getting up for work, making kids ready for school, dropping them off, going to work, picking kids from school, making dinner and so on.
  3. You don’t have any time to hang up with your friends and they always complain about your absence. giphy.com Even if you have some time, your family is going to remind you that you are being careless about your kids and husband.
  4. Do you drive? Then most of your time is spend on the roads driving. huffingtonpost.com Drive to work, drive to kids school, pick them up, buy the grocery and drive home again.
  5. You hear this stuff all the time that ‘you don’t take care of your family’. giphy.com Just because you are working, people think you don’t pay attention to your home. But that’s absolutely wrong!
  6. Forget about romantic shows, you only watch animated movies with your kids. giphy.com Because you don’t get free time to watch a movie of your choice.
  7. You put on make up in the car as you are always running late. giphy.com You are too busy in making kids ready for school and that makes you late for work.
  8. You are unable to separate your personal life from your work life. giphy.com Whenever you sit in front of computer for office tasks, your kids start disturbing and you have to look after them as well while working.
  9. Above all, there is nothing that makes you more happier than having your children be proud of you. giphy.com No matter what, your kids are always your first priority.

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