11 Things We Did At School That Today’s Students Will Never Understand. . .

Do you remember all those days when you were very fond of encyclopedias, chalk, duster, desks, activities and the teachers? We have come a long way from school system in the past, as many don’t remember the real happiness ofhaving old classrooms and activities. Students nowadays will never realize the small struggles and tiny victories we felt when we used to break the rules. From students to schools to activities, everything is changed. Want to recall all your old memories of school? Then read below 11 things which we happily did at school and today’s kids can’t even think of doing them.

  1. Do you remember the washroom walls of school which were filled with love messages? Today, we have phones to confess love for someone.
  2. Taking bathroom break just to take a trip around the school with your friend.
  3. We used to pass handwritten notes to our friends. Today, we can simply use mobile phones to convey our message.
  4. That computer class, when we used to feel happier by just learning paint and writing our names in different styles on MS Word.
  5. Cds were not common in those days. We simply used floppy disks to save our work if there was any.
  6. We used to make our textbook and copy covers out of paper bags and that was fun.
  7. Remember those old style pencil sharpners? It was such a fun to sharpen our pencils in it.
  8. We used to carry heavy books and notebooks but these days kids don’t have to worry about it anymore. There maybe more homework now but less books.
  9. We went to the library everytime we needed to read something whereas these days, all you need to do is GOOGLE.
  10. Drawing and coloring on our wooden desks was so much fun.
  11. Showing off our mobile phone at functions because we were not allowed to carry phone in other days.

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