13 True Struggles That Only New Moms Can Relate To. . .

Kudos to all the new mums for giving birth to little angels. Your new baby is definitely going to rock, but your life as a newmom is going to rock more than your baby. The saggy shape, stretchmarks,baby crying, diaper full of poop and many more struggles which only new mums know about. For many moms, this is not a big deal but they definitely feel tired and annoyed sometimes. Motherhood is no doubt very beautiful, but babies tire you so much. So read on to know the real struggles which only new mums can relate to.

  1. Hurrah! Your baby is here and you have to handle everything with zero training. giphy.com
  2. Fat enough? You can’t even fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes. thegloss.com
  3. When your baby poops more than he/she consumes and you know something is going wrong. giphy.com
  4. That moment when your husband disappears when the baby starts crying. Arghh! giphy.com
  5. When your baby vomits or pees on you… Oh, the smell. giphy.com
  6. Your feet will not fix in your pre-baby shoes as you are not a Cinderella anymore! giphy.com
  7. The infinite hunger cravingwill remain with you even after the childbirth. giphy.com
  8. When you finally get some rest because your baby has slept because you just had many sleepless nights. giphy.com
  9. And when your in-laws start talking about another child. Are you ready for the next surprise? giphy.com
  10. You are new mom so you can’t leave your baby alone ever. Even when he/she sleeps. giphy.com
  11. You just love your baby and can’t tolerate when someone mishandles your little one. giphy.com
  12. At the end of the day, your baby’s smile take away all your worries and you just forget about your tiredness. giphy.com

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