9 Things ‘Eligible But Not Ready To Marry’ Girls Can Relate To. . .

Some girls scream with excitement when they hear their family saying that ‘we have looked a nice guy for you’. But there are girls who get really annoyed whenever their parents bring up marriage topic. That sentence just kills you inside and you want to run away from this marriage thing. You want to build your career and work a bit but your parents are forcing you to get married because they think you are eligible for it. Are you one of those eligible but not ready to marry girls? Then read below some funny facts which you can relate to. Forget your worries and have a good laugh!

  1. You try to keep distance from uncles and aunties at weddings because they ask you same question every time ‘When are you getting married’?
    I hate you all.
  2. You get used to daily argument with your parents about getting married and it’s really annoying.
    And they try everything to convince you for marriage.
  3. Nobody understands your wish to study further or make a career. Because they think you can do these things after marriage.
    Let me be happy please!
  4. You get relief everytime you see your married friends and their ongoing issue. You feel blessed to be single.
    And these friends often advice you to get married.
  5. All your friends and cousins are getting married and that makes your parents pressurize you even more for marriage.
    Because society asks about your marriage all the time.
  6. Everyone assumes that you have a boyfriend, which is why you are not willing to see other guys for marriage.
    Like seriously?
  7. Your parents often tell you that they are getting old and your marriage is a big responsibility which they have to fulfill soon.
    Oh yeah mom dad. Come up with a better excuse.
  8. You try to hide somewhere when your parents fight, because it ends up with your marriage topic.
    No please, not again.
  9. All your friends often tell you that how you should get married at a early age like them and enjoy your life.
    Hell no.

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