11 Struggles That Only Introverts Can Relate To. . .

In the world of extroverts, it’s not easy to be an introvert. Trust me, there are millions of people who can totally feel what you go through.You don’t go to social gatherings and love to spend time alone in your room without talking to anyone, that’s what makes you an introvert person. People often criticize you for this but you can’t help it as you love to be alone. Well, no need to worry, because you are not the only one having these traits. There are some struggles that are unique to all the introvert people out there. Have a look:

  1. Social gatherings are not for you. Even if you attend, you love to sit in the corner all by yourself. giphy.com
  2. People often think you are proudy and rude just because you don’t love talking. giphy.com
  3. You are always invisible whenever you are sitting in a group. Even though you try to become social, but later on find it uninteresting. giphy.com
  4. People are usually shocked that you can speak. All the faces will stare at you once you open your mouth. Because, you hardly do that! giphy.com
  5. You feel anxiety with people around. You can’t even stand the guests in your home. giphy.com
  6. Being an introvert, you hate to stay late at parties. Usually people don’t invite you because of this habit. giphy.com
  7. You never feel like answering calls or chatting with anyone. giphy.com
  8. That face you make when someone interrupts you while you are having some time alone. giphy.com
  9. That annoying moment when you have to deal with the question, “Are you OK?” “Why are you so quiet?” giphy.com
  10. That feeling when teacher asks you to sit in front row but you don’t want to be noticed. giphy.com
  11. You always have excuses for everyone who want to hang out with you. giphy.com

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