10 Things That Only Dark Skinned Girls Can Understand. . .

Our society is very much obsessed with fair color. Being a dark skinned girl is not easy at all. People often call these girls with the names such as ‘black’, ‘ugly’ and what not. You know that you have to face battle for the rest of your life because you are stigmatized as a girl with dark color. Have you ever come across people who suggest you to try various fairness creams and facial? And you know nothing is going to work because you were born with this divine color. Dark girls have to face a lot of issues on a daily basis. We are going to show you some of them which only these girls can understand. Because, they have been through all.

  1. When there are people who suggest you to put on fairness creams giphy.com And they make a whole list of creams for you to try.
  2. Being called by names including ‘kaali’, ‘ugly’, ‘chocolate’ and many more giphy.com And they do it regularly.
  3. When desi aunties tell you home remedies to turn fair naturally giphy.com You must have been trying these on your self for all these years.
  4. The struggle of finding the right makeup for your skin is real giphy.com From nude color lipstick to silver eye liner. Nothing works.
  5. When you are around fair girls and they talk about how stunning their color is giphy.com That’s mean.
  6. That painful moment when boys say that they like fair girls giphy.com I don’t need you anyway.
  7. When everyone tells you that nobody is going to marry you because of ‘dark skin’ giphy.com Now this is insane.
  8. Whenever you wear white color, people tell you that it’s not for you giphy.com Really? As if white color comes with a tag that only fair girls can wear it.
  9. People ask you stupid questions about why your color is dark giphy.com Did you swim a lot? Did you sit in heat all your life? Are you like this since childhood?
  10. That amazing feeling when someone says ‘Dark girls are hot’ giphy.com Because, there are still some sane people out there who love dark color and think that dark is beautiful.

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