7 MAC Lip ShadesTo Make Your Face Glow. . .

Every girl loves lipsticksbut sometimes it doesn’t reallysuit us. Do you know why? Because there are some shades who actually make your skin look shinier, fairer and many times, some shades just leave our face looks dull. No matter how amazing the shade is, we pick what enhances our look. To increase extra glow to your face, there are many lip shades by MAC that suits majority of skin tones. Here are 7 MAC lip shades that need to be added into your makeup kit. Take a look and thank us later!

  1. All fired up
    This amazing pink lip shade is perfect for everone. It is highly pigmented, and adds a glow to your face. You can add gloss to this lipstick for a glam look.
  2. Ruby Woo
    Mac Ruby Woo is a bright red shade that will perfectly define your face features like never before. Try it on and get compliments about how gorgeos you look in this lipstick.
  3. Mehr
    Mehr by Mac shade is a bluish pink color that gives matte finish to lips. This shade is perfect for everyday use. You can also wear it with smokey eyes or with heavy blush for a glowy look
  4. Velvet Teddy
    We all love nude colors. This velvet teddy shade my Mac is a deep beige shade and have matte finish. It is currently one of the best selling lipsticks of Mac.
  5. Rebel
    This color never goes out of fashion. Rebel is a wine pink shade in a satin finish that gives a classy look to your face. Wear it on a wedding or a night party and stand out.
  6. Lady danger
    This is another sexy red shade which should be in your make up kit. It is highly pigmented and doesn’t really spread around unless you are eating or drinking a lot. Wear this color for a bold and sexy look.
  7. Neon Orange
    Want to sport an electrifying look at parties or night weddings? Then go for this super cool orange color that will add a sexy glow on your face and make you look stunning.

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