10 common mistakes you must avoid while choosing a life partner. . .

Choosing a life partner is one of the most crucial decision’s of one’s life beacuse it is not only based on love and care but a lot more than that. There is certain parameter on which your spouse is expected to stand the test. Forgiving his mistakes just because you see love in his eyes doesn’t work always. Before giving your life in one’s hand you should judge him, his family and all the surroundings or society that is going to affect your personal relationship. All marriages do not last forever but the initial intention of getting engaged with someone is universally the thought of being together forever. Listed below are a few common mistakes you should avoid while choosing a life partner.

  1. You are confused about your expectations from your life partner
    Always choose a life partner who loves you more than himself but don’t choose a partner only because he loves you. Love is an essential element of any relation but there are many other factors which shouldn’t be avoided as they affect your relations forever.
  2. Never loose your identity in a relationship
    Loving your partner deeply is good but you shouldn’t forget yourself. Losing your own identity will never end happily as it will fade away all your freedoms and expectations. Dedication for your love should be a two-way process and shouldn’t be ignored from either side.
  3. Do not stay in a relation just because your partner is Sexy or Rich
    Considering his economy as a factor for a good married life is absolutely right but forgiving all his mischievous for a stable economic life is totally wrong. Your life doesn’t start with a good face and ends up with a good bank balance, but you need to figure out all other priorities while choosing a life partner.
  4. Ignoring how his family treats you
    This factor is mostly ignored by many of us as we consider our life partner as our only constant companion. But the reality differs when his family starts treating you badly. It is better to know as early as possible how to handle your in-laws.
  5. Letting your partner manipulate you
    Being yourself should be your first priority while getting engaged in a new relation. Let him or her like you the way you are. A few changes in both of you are obvious but letting him manipulate you isn’t good for you as you are simply losing your freedom and identity by letting your partner doing this.
  6. Adjusting too much in life
    Minor adjustments are the part of your life cycle but adjusting always to save your relation is the step towards being dominated by your partner. Stop adjusting now and find out a mutual solution for your relation.
  7. Forgiving him again and again
    Once a cheater, always a cheater. Even if it is not the case then also you cannot trust anyone blindly who cheated you once or twice.
  8. Stressing too much on your physical relation
    Sex is a great way to get engaged with your partner completely but don’t let it be the major factor in the decision of your life partner. For a long lasting relationship, you should focus deeply on reality and emotions between you.
  9. Finding someone who is an exact copy of you
    Choosing your better half never means choosing someone who is your copy but it is all about finding your complimentary one. Also, give your relation a proper gap to effect each other.
  10. Never peep into his past in a hope for better a better future
    Getting emotionally attached to someone by researching his history is never going to help you in building your relations but you should beware of all the negative effects of his past on your relation. You should live in present and judge him emotionally and mentally on the basis of present and past scenario.

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