Things Indians Were Obsessed With In 1990’s. . .

Growing up in the 90’s in India was very different as compared to today’s growing children. It was a different feeling. Each thing had its own importance. The daily life was not very normal instead each day was special. Children then were so much with their own selves rather being engrossed in gadgets and artificial things. Though this generation is full of wonders but that was the time which was wonderful. Some of the special things of that childhood of the 90s are presented here and this will definitely leave you with a smile and refresh your old happy times.

  1. Summer Vacations were actually vacations and not a mere formality
    There was a great excitement for the summer vacations which was a complete three months off from school. Also, summer vacation meant going to grandparents place especially “Nani ke Ghar”. It was complete enjoyment for children then and these long holidays were not eaten up by coaching classes.
  2. Unforgettable Uncle Mario
    This video game was the addiction for kids back then in the 90s. It would not be wrong to say that it has become a historic video game for that generation as children were crazy about uncle Mario.
  3. Television Operated without Remote
    You all might remember the days of black and white television which had no remotes to operate. Also, people would go to other’s house to watch television as it was not a thing which every house had. The enthusiasm to watch Ramayana every Sunday at 9 in the morning left the streets deserted. But now even televisions are not necessary as mobile fulfills all the needs!
  4. Playful evenings spent Outdoor
    Outdoor playing was very well known by kids as gadgets did not contribute then, in engaging children. All the children came out on the streets and played games. Whole day children would crave for the evening to come when they could step out. Today streets are unfortunate enough as they can not witness children playing out.
  5. It’s incomplete without DDLJ
    This movie had its own crazy breeze that blew in those times. It was a must watch the movie and also it has become a memorable and inseparable part of the 90s.
  6. On the name of Music, it was all about Cassette and Tape
    The melodious compositions were only available in the cassette. It was the music lovers who had a great collection of all the latest launches then.
  7. Orange Candy can’t be forgotten
    You can not forget that “Santre ki Goli”. It was the kinder joy of that time, the most loved candy by children.
  8. No other biscuit could beat Parle G
    It’s an old relationship! This biscuit was the one that everyone ate.
  9. Sleeping on terrace in summer nights
    This is one of the best parts of those days. No air conditioner and cooler could beat the cool breeze of the night at the terrace.
  10. Playing Carrom
    The best pass time which you enjoyed completely with you sibling and cousins.
  11. And Mogli can not be missed
    You can not resist yourself from singing its track. The popular tale that we all loved and more loved was its song.

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