Ways to Reconnect to an Old Friend. . .

Friendship is such a relation which can not be compiled in a single sentence. It is a relation which revitalizes you with its longevity. With changes that time brings along, the people, places, and atmosphere around us also change. This also happens with our friendship. The big turn comes up when we move to college life. We get new friends but we also miss the older ones. As we get busy in our lives with time, there develops a communication gap between us and our old friends. We often remember those happy times and then again lock these in our memories. We want to contact to those old buddies but refrain ourselves may be due to hesitation. Here are some ways through which you can regain your old friendship by contacting your friend.

  1. Leave a message on facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp
    This is the easiest way to reconnect with your friend. Social media is really a blessing in this regard. You can text your friend telling him about your busy schedule and asking about their well-being and how is life going on.
  2. Plan a Meeting
    Just connecting on social media won’t work to a great extent. After a little chit-chat plan a meeting with your friend because when you meet a person the flow of emotion is proper and its effect is real and more than that of a facebook chat.
  3. Invite Her to Lunch or Dinner
    Inviting your friend on lunch will give you more time to spend together. Some good food and discussion of your daily life will regenerate that same old bond between you two.
  4. How about Planning a Trip Together?
    Since traveling is in vogue nowadays, you can plan a trip with your old friends. This will be the best way to revamp your old friendship. Some days well spent together, in a good place, full of fun will add another beautiful chapter to your book of memories.
  5. Keep in Touch
    Once you are in touch with your friend, maintain its continuity. Contact him/her from time to time. This will avoid the communication gap which is the biggest reason of the loss of that bond which once you had.
    In these ways, the old friendship can be revamped. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that never hesitate to contact your friend you never know he/she might be the same feeling but hesitating to say ‘Hi’. You are at no loss in initiating a talk, so talk to them and create some more memories.

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