Parents Beware This Challenge Might Prove Fatal For Your Kid. . .

    Every other day we get to know about new challenges trending around on social media. There is news about a new bizarre and absurd challenge which has become very popular among school students, known as ‘Eraser Burn Challenge’ or the ‘ABCs’ challenge.
    This challenge is about rubbing the eraser on your skin while speaking alphabets. The challenge is for how long one can rub eraser on their skin. This is the absolutely foolish challenge but is streaming high among children. It came into news when some students shared the pictures of their burns and scars on social media like Instagram and also some shared the video of this activity. It has raised concern among parents as they came to know about it. The challenge was on trend since the last February.
    School going students are influenced by this challenge. Children are given access to the Internet so that they can gain knowledge in an easier way but students have turned its use into some self-harming activities. Social media has already made the proliferation of things easier and so such trends are quickly adopted by people. A number of children are injured due to this trend. Parents, be aware of it and keep an eye over your children.
    This is a serious issue and can cause harm to children. As children rub eraser a number of times on their skin, the skin gets severe scars and also it is very painful. Children need to understand the severe effects of it. Teenagers are more influenced by this trend instead of understanding its impacts. Though the scar can be treated but it leaves a mark on the skin. So all the children keep you away from this challenge as it can cause you serious injuries.

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