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In today’s time we humans are so involved in the gadgets that it has become an inseparable part of our life. Now life seems to be very easy as each work can be done just on the click of a button. Gadgets have overtaken our daily lives and our dependency on this technology has given the researchers and techies a great opportunity to create new gadgets even if they are least needed and we all are so driven towards such gadgets that without analysing their proper use we purchase them even if we have to regret for it later. Here are some gadgets which will make you think twice if they are worth using.

  1. Electric toothbrush
    Technology has permeated into our lives in such a way that our most basic activities could rely on gadgets. Many companies are producing such toothbrush which will guide you to brush your teeth in a right manner. This electric toothbrush will rate the way you brush your teeth and will also tell you the areas of mouth you need to work on. You can connect it with your phone and the map of you mouth will be displayed on your device highlighting the areas which require a better cleaning. This is how you can make your brushing of teeth advanced but it also makes us think about the importance of the need of this gadget.
  2. Smart Wine Bottle
    Ferngrove Wine group, a Chinese wine maker has launched a wine bottle which will be connected with your phone and this will help you to keep a check on when your wine bottle is opened or closed. Of someone tries to touch your bottle stealthily then this will be displayed on your phone. I guess this technology is much useful for your cash box!
  3. Smart Water Bottle
    It’s always that your body sytem makes you realise to drink water but now give some rest to your system as a new gadget will tell you how much water to drink so that you remain hydrated. Yes, this smart Water bottle will let you know you level of hydration and the exact amount of water you need to drink from time to time. This creation generates a doubt that whether our senses are weakening or we are becoming technically more advanced? This gadget is hardly necessary for anyone.
  4. Reminding Umbrella
    If you often forget your umbrella then need not to worry, upgrade to this technically advanced umbrella which itself will remind you if you are gonna leave it. This umbrella will be connected to your phone and as you move a few meters away from it, a sound will be blown by the umbrella. The technology is good but it will be more of use if provided in other important goods that we often forget. An umbrella can have a fate with another owner but say, if your luggage is forgotten by you than it is a more serious issues than a lost umbrella.
  5. Grill Cleaning Machine
    Cleaning a grill often becomes a cumbersome process so a grill Cleaning Machine has been produced. All you need to do is charge it for 2 to 3 hours and then set it on your grill for 10 to 20 minutes and there you have your grill cleaned. But what about the machine? Now you need to disassemble it and clean its brushes and then assemble it again. It is very clear that which process is cumbersome. You need to work on it anyhow, either on grill or on the machine. Its better to clean the grill yourself than spending some bucks on the purchase of machine. The worth of this machine is quite clear.
  6. Laptop Steering Wheel Desk
    The name of gadget is enough for any description. This can be attached to your steering wheel just to make your working on laptop easier but the basic question forgotten while making it, why would anyone work on laptop while driving the car? Further, performing these two tasks simultaneously is not possible.
  7. iTypewriter
    You can attach your iPad on the typewriter and then carry on with your work on it. Now the question that arises is that why anyone with an advanced ipad would use a typewriter for typing work? Such creation sounds silly.

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