These Are The 15 Most Uncanny Tinder Chats Ever. . .

Tinder is one of the most used apps of today’s time supported by the fact that it witnesses 1.4 billion wipes in a day with 26 million matches and so on. It is like survival of the fittest here and the fittest person is the one who is cleverest, snappiest, and most hilarious. Here is a list of funny tinder chats which are like laughter bombs.

  1. Now how is one suppose to handle this
  2. Ahem, Smart enough though
  3. That must have hurt
  4. This was an expert talking I guess
  5. True friendship is when you cannot leave your friends alone anywhere
  6. You are my cupcake
  7. Poor guy, this is the best he could do
  8. Cheesy
  9. Who knew tinder bots could be so witty
  10. Amazing pickup line
  11. Who even says that?
  12. I should crown this person as the king/queen of dumbs
  13. Nailed it
  14. Tinder at its best
  15. I wonder that do these people really exist?

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