These Are The Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Haydon’s Fitness Secrets. . .

He is a gym addict and follows a strict healthy diet. Hrithik’s daily routine includes his gym practice and hygiene. While Lisa’s fitness trend is totally different including Yoga. For her gym is not the actual fitness trend but yoga help her relaxing her body and soul and it is all that keeps her body and mind healthy. Hrithik is blessed with the Greek God like body even though for managing his curves he has to do a lot of exercises. He married to a beautiful lady Suzzane Khan and has two children but somehow he is stuck to his fitness routine and manages to spend hours in the gym. Here are his secret diet and fitness secret.

  1. #His strict balanced diet
    He prefers a balanced diet to feed his body and soul. In breakfast, he eats egg whites, brown bread, protein shake, cornflakes with milk and a platter of fresh fruits. In his lunch chapatis, protein powder, chicken breast, eggs, and salad are included. While his dinner is very light including chicken, egg, brown bread and stir vegetable.
  2. #Lisa’s workout routine
    According to Lisa ‘Yoga not only keeps you fit or toned but also gives you a strong mental balance’. She practices Ashtanga Yoga for an hour and thrice a week. Haydon wakes up early in morning and goes for a morning walk. Swimming is also a part of her fitness routine and she never skips her routine. Her dusky beauty is a result of her quantum yoga against meditation.
  3. #Diet routine of Lisa Haydon
    She manages her glorious skin by having a healthy and balances diet. She is basically a vegan and eats all stuff that gives her skin a bounce. She eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and has South Indian lunch during her shoots. Hydration of skin is very important and she prefers coconut water in the morning.
    For all boys who admire Hrithik and for all girls who want fitness like Lisa Haydon must have a look to this;

Fitness tips by Lisa:

  • Skipping meals will never work for you instead you must better half it.
  • By running and doing Cardio you can give your body a perfect tightness and shape.
  • Combining Stretching and Endurance training can do the wonder.

Fitness tip by Hrithik:
By avoiding temptations to fast food and doing constant training will helo you transforming your body and you must have a good and balanced diet to keep your body nutrition.

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