Perfect Food To Eat After Sex. . .

It may sound a bit odd but you need a perfect diet after sex. Well, it naturally depends upon your mood and the mental space you are in but food is really important after making love. Many people prefer eating sweet things or ice-creams as they calm you down and make you feel relax. Some like watching movies or just going to bed.

Given below are some food items that you should eat after making love. Read on!

  1. Cigarette or did you say No smoking?
    Cigarettes do calm you down. Cigarettes are indeed injurious to health and do cause cancer but research says that most of the people prefer cigarettes after sex.
  2. Smoothies – Refresh and energetic again!
    Smoothies are soft, cold and refresh you again. They help you to feel calm and relaxed. Sounds good? Do try it!
  3. Did you say pizza!
    Who on this earth does not like pizza? Well, according to me, if given a choice all the youngsters will prefer pizza over every other food item. True, isn’t?
  4. Coffee, especially black!
    Coffee is like a mood changer. If you ever have a sex, prefer coffee. Black coffee energise you again and make you feel relax.
  5. A piece of bread, hopefully toasted!
    When you are tired and hungry after sex, then the best snack is a toasted bread. Yes, you read it right! Toasted bread is easy to make and makes you feel refreshed and energetic again!
  6. Nutella, right from the jar!
    Who doesn’t like Nutella? The chocolate taste of Nutella makes you forget all your worries and apprehensions. One spoon of Nutella and you are on again. Isn’t it true?
  7. Chocolates
    White chocolate, dark chocolate or the creamy chocolate, whatever flavour you love will make you feel relax and calm.

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