10 Makeup Hacks For All Lazy Girls. . .

Being lazy is an art as we aren’t so lazy but we are busy giving importance to other works than ourselves. But still looking good and pretty is our aim of the day. If you too are damn busy doing things that don’t allow you to give time for yourself there’s no need to worry as we have some easy makeup hacks for all lazy girls.

Looking gorgeous for a lazy girl is like spending their precious time in doing makeup instead of sleeping. Yes, sleeping is the necessity of lazy people but makeup occupies a certain place too.

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    The first thing to start with makeup is to conceal your face. For a lazy girl, it is a long process which they want to skip but thank god BB creme is there!
    By applying BB creme on your face you can get rid of uneven skin tone and moisturize your face. It also works as SPF and anti-aging moisturizer.
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    When you have to highlight your blush or cheeks again there are many things to do like finding a perfect color palette and then searching for a brush which you have already lost last time when you were doing the same. What if your Lip color will do the same thing that a blush can do? It’s a miracle for those who really find it hard to do their morning makeup. So dear lazy girls spend less money and buy products that work in multiple ways. Another tip is to apply bronzer on your cheekbones and eyes.
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    Use hands instead of makeup brush
    Some of you will find it unhygienic to touch your make-up with hands but reality is quite different. For lazy girls finding a makeup brush is as hard as securing the bunch of bobby pins for a long time. You can apply your makeup with hands without worrying about hygiene and it also helps to give an even tone to your skin. There’s no difference in the appearance of makeup done by brush and by hands.
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    Another problem appears when you have to apply mascara just 2 minutes before you are leaving at work. To get rid of this you can use your business card or any other note card to get a fine mascara finishing.
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    What to do when you’ve run out of eyeliner?
    Your mascara can work as your eyeliner. Use an ordinary paint brush or eye makeup brush and apply a thin line of mascara as an eyeliner. Ir really looks same as an eyeliner.
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    Don’t have time for perfume spritz?
    Use a deodorant with a pleasing smell that lasts longer. It will help you getting your underarms finer and smells good.
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    Highlight your best part only
    Its not necessary to apply makeup everytime and it’s not necessary that you cannot look good without applying makeup. Being natural is today’s trend and you can even enhance your beauty by highlighting the best part of your faces like eyes or cheeks. It is a time-saving process and best for all lazy girls.
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    Use face wipes instead of face wash
    It is not mandatory to wash your face after every hour but you can use face wipes to avoid washing your face again and again. And if you are too lazy you can keep it by your bed. But it is suggested to wash out all impurities from the face at least twice or thrice a week.
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    What to do to last your lipstick for a long time?
    To avoid applying a load of lipstick every hour on your soft lips you can use this trick. Your lipstick will last longer, the only thing you have to do is to apply a tissue paper on Your lips and then dust it with a translucent powder.
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    You want colored stripe on your hair but you have no time for it
    You can use your old eyeshadow to color a single stripe of your hair. Brush it on a part and you will get a shinier color.

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