Different Type Of Manicures That Will Outshine You. . .

In today’s time, fashion is not just a hobby but a lifestyle. By fashion, we do not mean expensive clothes or branded stuff. Fashion is something which is comfortable as well as stylish.

Do you know how many types of manicures are there? If not, then read the story below to find the best type of manicure for yourself. There are some classy, elegant and stylish manicures that will definitely help you to groom yourself.

  1. The basic manicure
    Is this your first time? If yes, then go for the basic manicure. For this, they will soak your hand in warm water for around 10 mins. After this, they will dry your hand and apply some moisture. Then per your choice, they will give you the perfect shape.
  2. French manicure.
    The classic French manicure will give you beautiful and classy nails. A light pink or beige polish is applied over the entire nail and white wash on the tip. Sounds classy, isn’t?
  3. Reverse French manicure.
    In today’s time reverse French manicure is the most loved and appreciated one. In this one, the moon of the nail is painted with lighter color or white and the rest is painted with a darker shade.
  4. American manicure
    The American manicure is almost like French manicure. The difference is that the shape and colour are very different.
  5. Gel Manicure.
    Do you want an everlasting manicure? Then go for Gel manicure. Gel manicure is the best solution for an everlasting manicure.
  6. Paraffin Manicure
    Have extensive dry hands? This treatment infuses your skin with paraffin wax. You won’t believe how smooth and soft your skin feels afterward! Usually, the paraffin treatment is followed up with a basic massage and polish job.
  7. Hot Stone Manicure
    Want to relax? Try Hot Stone manicure. This will make you relax and will rejuvenate you again.

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