9 Most Tendentious Contestants Of Bigg Boss House Till Date. . .

Bigg Boss season 10 is coming to an end but the fights and controversies will not end as the traces of the entertainment remains in our mind for a long time. Salman Khan hosting most of the seasons of the show became the most popular host of this show. Flooding with the most controversial characters it became a house where no day ends in peace. Here are some of the most contentious celebs of Bigg Boss.

  1. Dolly bindra
    The film actress and comedian Dolly Bindra was the contestent of Bigg Boss in season 4 when Shweta Tiwari won the show. Dolly had been in controversies during the whole season specially because of her cat fight with Shweta. Remember a dialogue ” Baap pe mat jana”, guessing ?.. yes this is from a fight between Dolly Bindra and Bhojpuri Singer Manoj Tiwari. It was the time when literally a kitchen fight turned into most controversial fight of Bigg Boss.
  2. Priyanka Jagga
    A big controversy arises when Salman Kicked her out and said he will not work with colors if they will remain in association with Priyanka. She was an infamous contestant in team Indiawale in Bigg Boss 10 . Priyanka belongs to Delhi and she is a housewife living with her husband and two children. There was an another rumour about her miscarriage, which she declared as a bleeding and illness. According to Priyanka, she wished to leave the house because of her illness and was never kicked out by Salman.
  3. Kamal R Khan
    He became the first celeb being kicked out of the Bigg Boss house for his rude and violent behaviour. Bigg boss 9 faced an ugly fight between Kamal and Rohit that turned into physical fight when Kamal hit Rohit with a bottle of water. For this offence he was sent back to home early.
  4. Veena Malik
    This bold Pakistani actress entered in Bigg Boss house in season 4. She had been in controversies for her live-in relation and 26 years of imprisonment. Her heated romance with Ashmit Patel left the audiences spellbound. She spotted flirting with him and later a strong rumour spread about allegedly having sex with Ashmit in Bigg Boss house.
  5. Rakhi Sawant
    She became a centre of public attraction in 2009 when Mika Singh kissed her publicly. She was a strong contestant of Bigg Boss Season 1 and reached top 4 finalists. Fight between Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira Shah was TRP worthy. She had been a controversial queen and did a lot of reality shows.
  6. Imam Siddique
    Some contestants are TRP worthy and are needs of shows like Bigg Boss and so was Imam Siddique who had been the most controversial celeb in Bigg Boss house. His infamous fight with Urvashi Dholakia where he abuses her personal life remained the centre of controversy.
  7. Kushal Tandon
    He entered Bigg Boss House In 7th Season when he fall in love with Gauhar Khan (winner of the season). His fight with VJ Andy which ended in a physical fight evicted him out of the house very soon.
  8. Baba Om
    Sadachari aka Swami Om Ji was the most controversial character till now. He enetered in Bigg Boss house in season 10 where he played a role of villian and had been in different controversies. You hate him or love him but you cannot ignore him for sure. A non-bailable warrant was issued against him, and Bigg Boss who never take such risks evicted him from his house.
  9. Sambhavna Seth
    To add spice to the show, Bigg Boss introduced Payal Rohatgi and Sambhavna Seth who abused each other to gain raise TRP. The short tempered lady Sambhavna was eliminated from house during last week of finale.

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