7 Celebs Who Changed Their Religions For their Relations. . .

Religion is purely a topic of one’s belief and choice. Some people
accept what they inherit by birth while a few of them discover new
directions. Listed below are some celebrities who have changed their religions for living a good life with their love.

  1. Madonna
    This 58 years old Singer was raised a Roman Catholic but started
    following Kabbalah, originally developed from Jewish tradition
    (Judaism). This Singer has been found adhering Islam for his Muslim Partner. She said she is building schools for girls in Islamic
    countries and also studying the Koran. This a daring thought up to
    some extent, but everyone is fully free to follow any religion.
  2. A. R. Rehman
    He is the son of A Muslim Mother and A Hindu Father. Several reasons explain why he switched to Islam While a few genuine according to him is that he didn’t like the name he was born with and was searching for a new direction for his professional purpose. Now this Young man is known as Allahrakha Rehman who had established his unique identity in the world. He rarely missed his Islamic routine even during his busy schedule.
  3. Sharmila Tagore Khan
    One of the finest Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore has changed her religion for love. She was a Hindu by birth and accepted Islam for her better married life with her life partner Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi (Nawab of Pataudi). Initially, her family wasn’t happy but her decision leads to a blessed marriage.
  4. Nargis Dutt
    Nirmala Dutt, famously known as Nargis Dutt married Sunil Dutt who rescued her from an accident happened on the sets of the movie. She accepted Hinduism after marrying her colleague and a famous actor of that time (Sunil Dutt). Her new name after marriage was Nirmala Dutt while she was popular as Nargis Dutt.
  5. Michael Jackson
    The beleaguered Pop legend Michael Jackson had converted to Islam in 2008 and changed his name to Mikaeel. He rejected an alternative name Mustafa meaning ” the chosen one”. He was photographed wearing Arab’s traditional dress. He was a Christian by birth and his funeral took place under Christianity.
  6. Tom Cruise
    He was born in a Roman Catholics family and was deeply interested in spiritual things. Perhaps he is the most outspoken celebrity on the
    religious topic especially after joining the new generation ideology
    i.e. The Church Of Scientology, which tends to answer all religious
    questions with the help of science. Cruise’s fiancée, Katie Holmes
    started studying the same religion.
  7. Dharmendra
    It is well said that all is fair in love and war. So here is a good
    example to show how love changes us totally. Dharmendra Singh Deol who was a Hindu by birth had fallen in love with Hema Malini during Shelley. Being married already he was not allowed to have second marriage and his wife’s refusal for divorce become a barrier in their marriage. Finally, he decided to change his religion from Hindu to Islam, which allows having more than one wife.

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