10 Surprising Facts About Sex That You Have Rarely Heard Off. . .

Sex is the priority of every close relation and is also proportional to the longevity of the relation. Sexually active people are often believed enjoying their life with more satisfaction. The exact age of one’s sexual arousal was a subject of discussion always. There are various factors deciding when will the person choose to have his/her first sex. Another point of concern is women’s satisfaction, lesser women get satisfied with their partners by reaching their orgasms peak. Sexual activities are found to be healthy for couples and there are many other unusual facts about SEX!

  1. Sperms are nutritious too!
    One serving of sperm includes proteins, sugar, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C along with Vitamin B12 and zinc. This nutritious diet has the potency to make your skin glowing and smooth. You might be more stuck to Orals after reading this!
  2. 20 minutes Sex Burns extra calories in you.
    Sex for 20-30 minutes helps men burning their 200-300 calories while women burn only 60-65 calories in one sex. So now you are aware that your health depends upon your performance in bed. Make it healthier now, but don’t get hurt!
  3. Why are men more attracted to big booties?
    Scientists have proven the fact that men are not exactly fond of big butts but they are mainly attracted by the curvature of the spinal cord. The exact 45° curve makes a woman more attractive to man and her big booty helps her giving a perfect curve.
  4. Some animals also perform oral sex
    Along with human who gives oral to their partner for pleasing her or fantasy, there exist some animals like bear, bats, and wolves who perform oral sex.
  5. What actually the female ejaculation is?
    Do females ejaculate? There are various concepts regarding this question. Many believe that female ejaculation is nothing but its urine. While many other beliefs do exist which says there’s another fluid secreted by them during orgasm, which provides extra lubrication. But scientists have proved that this fluid is nothing but Pee that ejaculates during orgasm.
  6. Artists are more stuck to Sex!
    Some poets, writers or Rockstars are believed to me more romantic and sexually active that any other guy. Also, there’s firm belief that they are more creative to have more than one sex partner! Well, there’s no evidence that supports this plea.
  7. Woman face orgasm during exercise!
    A study on many women proved that many women face orgasm during exercise. According to research performed at Indiana University the exercises including abdominal exercises, weight lifting, spinning/biking, and climbing poles or ropes makes a woman orgasm.
  8. Sperms Move faster than any athlete!
    The average speed of sperm traveling just after ejaculation is 28 miles per hour which are more than the speed of any international athletes winner.
  9. Are your grandparents sexually active?
    Researchers have proven that many couples transcending their young phase are still active in sexual intercourse with their partners even in the age of 80s. Many couples perform sex during 70s-80s and pursue till their body allows to do so.
  10. What makes “her” sounds sexier?
    Women are able to modify their voice in “sexier” sounds. While men do not possess such ability. Sexy sounds excite men to perform better in the bed.

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